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Announces New Exhibitions
at the Association of Science & Technology Centers (ASTC)
Annual Conference, October 12-16, 2012

Meet The Exhibitionists at one of the following events:

Informal Learning Roundtable | Monday, October 15, 7:30 am | Hyatt Regency
EDG’s Exhibition Release Party | Monday, October 15 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm | Black Creek Bistro
By Appointment | Saturday, October 13 — Monday, October 15

Contact at
or 651 222 1121 to RSVP or set up an appointment


The Game is afoot! After release in May, only 4 spots on the North America tour remain. This science driven, hands-on and richly environmental exhibition invites you to follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes, the literary creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Join the master detective on his pursuit to crack the most intricate mysteries and crimes using powers of deduction and the most cutting-edge 19th-century crime solving techniques. Surpass the infallible Sherlock Holmes with a century of scientific progress at your fingertips and participate in live experiments. The 125-year-old brand is ever-strong with a third blockbuster film in the works, the release of the pilot season of Elementary on CBS and the phenomenal success of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. This international touring exhibition will meet the missions of science, industry, natural science, history and nature museums alike!

Organized with GMC+A in collaboration with Doyle Estate, Ltd. and OMSI, Portland


Heavenly Jade of the Maya will coincide with the end of the 5,125–year cycle of the famous Maya long count calendar on Dec. 21, 2012. The Exhibition includes more than 90 objects (most never before seen outside of Guatemala) including the complete headdress–all in jade–from the tomb of a Maya queen as well as other artifacts from temple offerings and royal tombs, such as painted ceramics and artifacts of stone, obsidian and shell. The exhibition is endorsed by Francisco Villagran de Leon, Ambassador of Guatemala to the United States.

Organized with Science Visualization and  the Government of Guatemala


Another cultural intrigue and educational exhibition is now available for booking! Samurai Warriors: Three Centuries of Japanese Armor and Tradition (15731867) includes nearly one hundred objects created during the Azuchi Momoyama period (1573—1603) and the Edo period (1603—1867). These superbly crafted battle costumes were important signifiers of leadership, authority and social position. Through them we can trace the social, political and economic history of Japan.  Armor, helmets, swords and other battle gear of the Samurai make up this exhibition dedicated to the powerful military caste that ruled Japan for seven centuries.

Organized with the Koelliker Collection, Milan, Italy


From mountains to monuments, scanning technologies are digitizing our surroundings and having a huge impact on science and culture. In SuperScan: Digitizing the World, we learn why these technologies are having such an impact on us and what the future holds. Hands-on interactives and an art gallery show how to scan and print 3D versions of famous icons, such as Michelangelo’s David or Mt. Rushmore, as well as create innovative new art. We enjoy a gigapixel flyover of a laser-scanned Mt. Everest or travel virtually to the digitized ruins of Machu Picchu. Last, but not least, we can capture and print ourselves in 3D.

Organized with Science Visualization
Image courtesy CyArk, National Park Service, and Historic Scotland


Give new meaning to the phrase “Stop and smell the roses” as EDG investigates an often overlooked sense with On the Nose.  The perception of our surroundings is affected by our sense of smell, as well as its intimate relationship with the cerebral circuits of memory. Allow your nose to take you on a journey through natural essences in optimum concentration so that the scents can be appreciated in all their purity. Likely the sole opportunity to experience these scents, visitors will explore rare odors present in nature and learn how our minds shape these perceptions.  This exhibition teaches visitors of all ages that scent is a powerful thing!

Organized with the LaCaixa Foundation, Barcelona, Spain



The Tech Museum in San Jose, California will be the second tour stop for MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition opening on October 13, 2012 through January 6, 2013.  Get in on the MythBusting and join Chicago, San Jose, Columbus, Portland, Denver, Santa Ana, Ft. Worth, Cleveland, Tampa and Toledo in hosting this explosively fun exhibition.

©2012 DCL. MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition is organized by EDG, GMC+A, Discovery and MSI, Chicago; developed and produced by Beyond Entertainment Limited.


EDG has a new look. Let’s be honest, our logo needed some work.  So, our talented Creative Designer helped bring about a fresh vibrancy to our brand, and we the "Exhibitionists" hope you like it!

EDG has moved to a new office location in St. Paul, Minnesota. With this move, we have big endeavors on the horizon to be announced in 2013!  If you have not already done so, please make note of our new address:

275 East Fourth Street, Suite 580 | Saint Paul, MN 55101

EDG still offers the same wonderful exhibition portfolio and exhibition services and will now release an ongoing “Currently Offering” brochure, which will be mailed out four times a year. This gives you a chance to see our  wonderful exhibitions all in one place. Click here to view our most recent Current Offering.


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