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January 2018

Happy 2018! Thanks to all that made it out for the Auctions this month. It was really great to meet you all!

We are getting so many new cars in Casa Grande that we are running out of room. So we are excited to announce our expansion as we just closed the deal on 12 more acres in Casa Grande. If you have visited this lot you have seen with your own eyes, cars in every direction. With this new addition, we are now able to set the yard up a lot better and will soon get a lot of stock loaded onto the web site. In fact, most of the content in this newsletter will be from the Casa Grande location. These are all cars & trucks that we have had for awhile, but never added on the site, so we have a little catching up to do.

New Arrivals

1941 Ford 2 Door

1947 Ford 2 Door Coupe

1948 Jeep Willys

1950 Jeep Willys

1950 Jeep Willys II

1950 Jeep Heritage

1951 Jeep Willys

1952 Jeep Willys

1953 Jeep Willys

1953 Chevrolet 2 Door

1954 Ford Truck F100

1954 Oldsmobile Holiday 2 Door HT

1955 Buick Special 2 Door HT

1959 Chevy 1/2 Ton Fleetside Long Bed

1960 Bel Air 4 Door Sedan

1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer 4 Door Sedan

1960 Ford Thunderbird 2 Door HT

1963 Chrysler Newport 4 Door Sedan

1965 Chevrolet Impala 2 Door HT

1965 Chevrolet Malibu Station Wagon

1965 Chevrolet Nova 4 Door Sedan

1965 Oldsmobile 98 4 Door HT

1965 Studebaker Champ

1967 Dodge Charger 2 Door HT

1968 Pontiac Bonneville 2 Door Convertible

1972 Ford Maverick 2 Door

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 Door HT


Last Month's Answer: 1958 Buick

Trunk Treasures

1964 Ford Galaxie Top Plate for Automatic Console

1964 Mercury Comet 2 Door Body Side Trim

1966 Chevrolet Nova "Chevy II" Center Grill

1966 Ford Ranchero Passenger 1/4

1966 Ford Fairlane Headlight Bezel