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Head Succession: Almost there...

The Board has continued to work hard on the selection of an outstanding new Head to lead the next phase of progress at CHS after Dr. Dawson’s departure in July 2019. Some of your daughters guided short-listed candidates around the school when they visited recently. The Head Succession Task Force was once again faced with hard choices to further narrow down a most exciting short list of talented and experienced educators. Both the Board and the Task Force have reached some unanimous decisions with which we are very pleased. Another board and other official process outside our control prevent us from making any announcement at this stage.

Please be assured as you leave for the Summer, that Pat and the Board are on this. As we send another 101 young women out into the world, we are planning new initiatives for next year. On behalf of the Board, I will have more news for you at the start of next term.

Richard Wood
Chair, Board of Governors

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