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The refreshed RSM website is coming!

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) will be launching a refreshed website in the coming weeks so we can offer improved services and search functionality to industry and consumers.

The restructured website will provide each RSM visitor with enhanced navigation to find the information and services they require.

The changes are in response to client feedback and evolving business requirements, and to more accurately reflect our regulatory, licensing and compliance work.  This will ensure that RSM’s work remains visible and relevant to consumers as well as the radio spectrum sector.

Our website address will remain www.rsm.govt.nz.

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The auction of AM and FM licences has begun - place your bids now!

The auction of AM and FM licences is currently taking place on the Turners and Trade Me websites. It began on 27 November and is scheduled to run until 3 December 2014.

More information about the auction, including the auction catalogue, is available on the RSM website. Interested parties should familiarise themselves with the catalogue before taking part in the auction.

View the Auctions on Trade Me

View the Auctions on the Turners web site

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2013-2014 Radio Spectrum Management Annual Report published

RSM  has recently published its 2013/2014 Annual Report. The report provides a snapshot of our achievements, innovations, and business initiatives, as well as outlining our progress against our targets for the year ended 30 June 2014. It also features an abridged (one-page) version of the Business Outlook, previously incorporated in the RSM Annual Report.

In 2012 RSM published a Five-Year Outlook (2012-2016), encompassing information that features in the yearly Business Outlook. In order to avoid duplication of this information, the Business Outlook section of the Annual Report has been discontinued.

View the full RSM 2013-2014 Annual Report

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Revision of Mobile Service Bands in New Zealand (PIB 23)

RSM has recently completed a revision of ‘Mobile Service Bands in New Zealand’ (PIB 23), with the new Issue 8 published.

PIB 23 (Issue 8) details the band and channel plans for mobile services in New Zealand. The new issue contains some changes to reflect operational practice. These include opening up some previously reserved channels. In addition to PDF format PIB 23 is available in Excel format, allowing easy manipulation and integration of the mobile channel plans by external parties.

View the new issue of Mobile Service Bands in New Zealand (PIB 23) – Issue 8.

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Radio Licence Policy Rules (PIB 58) - issue 3 now available

RSM has recently published Radio Licence Policy Rules (PIB 58) - Issue 3

PIB 58 has been updated to reflect changes to land mobile simplex categories, which allow channels of different bandwidths to be added to the same licence.

Read the latest issue of Radio Licence Policy Rules (PIB 58)

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Managed Spectrum Park – technical consultation open

The purpose of the consultation is to define technical parameters for certifying spectrum licences in the Managed Spectrum Park (MSP).  RSM have commissioned an independent consultant to write a report on suitable technical parameters. These parameters could be used to set up the benchmark of engineering criteria for optimum spectrum re-use within the MSP.  We would like to hear your views on the proposed parameters.

The consultation does not address any other aspects of the MSP, such as licence fees, allocation rules, park rules, licence agreements or how the park is currently being used.

For more information about the consultation and to make a submission, visit the RSM website.

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Managed spectrum park applications received

An application has been received for radio spectrum licences in the 2.5 GHz managed spectrum park band.  Potential uses for this spectrum include wireless broadband services.

Since November 2010, parties interested in utilising this spectrum have been able to apply for access on a first-come, first-served basis, but with sharing processes required to be gone through by applicants.

An Application has been received by the Crown Spectrum Asset Manager from:

  • Netsmart Ltd, for licences with coverage in the Rotorua District Council TLA, Bay of Plenty District Council TLA, Taupo District Council TLA, and Whakatane District Council TLA areas.

Read more about Notice 33 for managed spectrum park licences

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Licensing of Television White Space Devices - now open

RSM has developed rules to allow the use of television white space (TVWS) devices following consultation in 2014. These rules provide an interim licensing regime for the trial of TVWS in New Zealand.

The new rules will be incorporated into the next issue of the Spectrum Licence Certification Rules for Crown Management Rights (PIB 39).

Licensing of TVWS devices is now open. Anyone seeking a licence should contact an Approved Radio Engineer.

View the white space licencing and certification rules

View the list of independent radio engineers and certifiers available for public work

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Services available over Christmas break

RSM will close for the holiday break from 5:00pm Wednesday 24 December 2014 and reopen at 8:30am Monday 5 January 2015.

The Register of Radio Frequencies (the Register) will continue to be available for use by clients and engineers through the break.

If you have a query regarding interference to a safety of life emergency service please call (026)106 091, leave your contact details and a brief message with the paging service.  The duty national coordinator will contact you within 15 minutes of receiving your pager message.  Please note: the emergency number (026)106 091 is used strictly for safety of life emergency services only.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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