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The sumptuous Angels Glorious, Saints Victorious: Sacred Art from Viceregal Peru will open in spring 2016 for a limited North American tour of just 6 venues. With two venues already booked, this is your opportunity to join this limited tour.

Highlights from the exhibition include the most beautiful religious paintings and altarpieces ever produced in the hemisphere, a testament to the creativity of the world-renowned Cuzco School, the most prominent center for the teaching of religious art of the time. Inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church and using stories from the Bible to teach the local Inca people, who could not read or speak the native language of the Spanish conquistadors, Catholic missionaries taught European painting techniques to the Inca, thus creating a new and original Peruvian art.

These gold-leaf images of dazzling Virgin Marys and winged archangels comprise a collection of paintings never before seen in North America. Spanning the 16th to 18 centuries, 50 to 60 paintings from Peruvian collections in spectacular carved frames of the period will be on the tour.

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Exhibition organized with Gamaarte Peruvian Cultural Association for the Arts

WINDOW ON THE WEST: Views from the American Frontier

After three successful tours spanning a period of some 15 years, Window on the West: Views from the American Frontier is available for a limited time for one last North American tour. Praised for the beauty of the paintings and their importance in documenting the exploration of the American West, this exhibition never fails to please and impress.

Sharing space with works by the likes of Bierstadt and Bodmer, Kensett and Colman, are works by anonymous and lesser-known artists who shared one critical feature: in nearly every case they were among the first artists to cast an eye over the place depicted. The 64 works in this exhibition – showcasing the development of the trans-Mississippi West from the 1840s to the 1930s – speak to the verity of first impressions and the artist’s attempt to capture both accurate form and the conquest of an untamed land.

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Exhibition organized with Arthur J. Phelan, Chevy Chase, Maryland



A rare opportunity is open in 2015 for your museum to host The Eye of Napoléon at a special offer before the exhibition travels to Europe and Asia.

You will be overwhelmed by the splendor and fine craftsmanship of the objects, which, although of the highest museum quality, in fact come from one of the world’s most stunning and complete private collections.

A renowned Napoléonic authority, Mr. Pierre-Jean Chalençon of Paris, France, has assembled one of the world’s finest and most comprehensive private collections of the Napoléonic era. The Eye of Napoléon features more than two hundred masterpiece objects, that include paintings, drawings, sculptures, porcelain objects, silverware, books and exceptional jewelry, highlight Napoléon’s worldwide influence in the arts, architecture, science, government and law.

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Exhibition organized with Chalençon Collection, curated by Bernard Chevalier


Contemporary Inuit Art

The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic, did not have a recognized artistic tradition until the 1950s when they were organized into art cooperatives. Sixty years later we cannot find a more marketable output or a more charming aesthetic. 

Known primarily for stonecut prints, lithographs and sealskin stencils as well as soapstone carvings of Canadian wildlife, the Inuit have acquired through their art a new way of sustaining their way of life and keeping alive their old traditions and beliefs.

This exhibition narrates the Inuit way of life – a nomadic life of seasonal hunting, survival and spirituality – kept alive through oral histories and now through this unique art.  We cannot find a more meaningful art than is found in the 80 works of Expressions of Arctic Tradition: Contemporary Inuit Art. This captivating exhibition includes didactic panels to inform museum-goers and school groups alike of this fascinating culture.

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More opportunities you can’t miss!

EDG celebrates a partnership with NBCUniversal on February 5, 2015 where America's largest home, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC will premiere Dressing Downton: Changing Fashion for Changing Times. The three year tour has only two slots available. Call us today if you have an opening in your 2017 schedule to host the exquisite costumes from Masterpiece's most widely watched television dramas, Downton Abbey®.

Looking for a crowd pleasing and family oriented art exhibition? Look no further! Beyond Rubik's Cube celebrates the 40th anniversary of Dr. Erno Rubik's invention of the world's most popular puzzle that continious to influence and inspire artists, musicians, scientists, and mathmaticians around the globe. Hosting availability in 2016!




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