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We have recently released a major new update to VBOX Firmware and Software to help you to test and verify Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

  • Major update to VBOX Firmware and Software
  • Open road ADAS testing
  • Multiple targets in ADAS testing
  • Lane Departure Warning around corners
  • ATE Stuttgart - Visit us on stand 1560
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    Major update to VBOX Firmware and Software

    We are delighted to announce a new release of firmware and software for the VBOX3i and above. A number of ADAS applications – detailed below – can now be tested and verified using the new features which represent a significant advance in the capabilities of the VBOX3i range.

    You can access the new firmware and software from a dedicated ADAS download page here >


    Open road ADAS testing

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our Moving Base ADAS test solution. This new feature will allow you to measure Vehicle Separation parameters to ±2cm accuracy without a fixed RTK Base Station, allowing tests to be carried out on the open road as well as a test track.

    All of the following ADAS applications can be tested and verified with this new feature:

    • Collision Mitigation
    • Autonomous Emergency Braking
    • Blind Spot detection
    • Rear cross traffic detection
    • ACC stop/go systems

    The Moving Base solution will require an additional 2.4Ghz Moving Base radio pair plus firmware updates for the VBOX3iSL-RTK and VBOX Manager, along with a new version of VBOX Tools software.

    Please note Moving Base is only compatible with VBOX3iSL-RTK systems.

    For more information on Moving Base, email


    Multiple targets in ADAS testing

    It is now possible to measure two target vehicles with respect to the subject vehicle. This new feature simply requires new firmware and the addition of a third VBOX3iSL-RTK system and a pair of telemetry radios.

    ADAS is constantly evolving, with new features being rolled out all the time. This has led to a number of new Global regulations to cover these developments. One such requirement for two Target Vehicles is the ‘target discrimination’ part of the ISO 22179 standard.


    Lane Departure Warning around corners

    Forthcoming regulations mean that Lane Departure Warning Systems must now be extended to include corners. To meet this demand, we have added the capability for curved lane markings to our existing LDWS solution. Included in this setup is a purpose built surveying wheel configured to make definition of the lanes very simple.

    Up to three different lane edge reference files can defined.


    ATE Stuttgart - Visit us on stand 1560

    Visit stand 1560 at the Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart (4-6 June) to discuss the solutions listed above, or any vehicle test applications. You will receive a warm welcome from Kevin, Michael and Leander who will be manning our stand at the three day event.