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Adviser Winter Workshop

Adviser Checklists

Todd J. Duckett - New World Floor

Get ready for States!

Adviser's View: Getting the most out of our students

Is Your Council Ready to Host an Event? (Regional CONNECT)

OK2SAY Student Safety Hotline

MASC/MAHS Alumni Spotlight


11.3.14 — LTI @ Bavarian Inn (Frankenmuth)

11.4.14 — LTI @ Oakland University (Rochester)

11.5.14 — LTI @ Craig's Cruisers (Grand Rapids)

11.6.14 — LTI @ Bavarian Inn (Frankenmuth)

11.11.14 — LTI @ Full Blast (Battle Creek)

11.12.14 — LTI @ Bavarian Inn (Frankenmuth)

11.13.14 — LTI @ Bavarian Inn (Frankenmuth)

11.14.14 — LTI @ Inn at St. John's (Plymouth)

11.17.14 — LTI @ Comfort Inn (Mt. Pleasant)

11.19.14 — Leadserhip Day with the Detroit Pistons!

11.20.14 — LTI @ Macomb Community College (Warren)

12.1.14 - State Conference Host Applications Due

12.10.14 - State Conference Open Registration 1

12.14.14 - Regional CONNECT Conference Host Applications Due

1.7.15 - State Conference Open Registration 2

3.2.15 - State Conference Registration Closes/Final Numbers Due

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Adviser Board

All Adviser Board Agendas and Minutes are archived on the website. Click here to access the most recent information.

If you would like to contribute to the Adviser Board, please contact Matt Alley for the next meeting date, time and location.

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Adviser Winter Workshop

Written by Matt Alley

Come to network. Come to learn. Come to relax with your peers. The Adviser Winter Workshop is a time of year to celebrate advisers from around the state, while taking home elite resources and new programmatic concepts. Among the opportunities of networking and breakout sessions, speaking this year is…

Read more here!

Quick Points

Written by Matt Alley

Don't miss out! Sign your group up for one of our upcoming student leadership Trainings | Membership expires Oct 1st. Lets continue shaping our students together! Click the form to Renew your 2014-15 Membership benefits

Leadership Training Institute (LTI) found here

Leadership Day with the Detroit Pistons found here.

Adviser Checklists

Written by Matt Alley

One of the newest member resources MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership offers to its advisers is the monthly Adviser Checklists. Each month members will receive helpful hints and reminders that are calendar specific. Many helpful hints span multiple months, which is why we post all checklists to the website and can be found here. If you are not receiving the lists, let me know!

State Charity of the Year

Todd J. Duckett

To flood is a gift. It is to bring life where a desert exists. Flooding is giving one’s passion definition; a purpose. That purpose is the vessel for human kindness. That kindness is a sea of change, which can fill the emptiness of despair. To flood is to give of oneself; to inspire passion and purpose in others. We flood because it is natural as well as needed. We welcome the raindrops to bring new life to people, to inspire change and create movement. Prepare for rain! TJ Ducket reborn and rewired

Get Ready for States!

Written by SOE

As the days cool and the football games begin, it’s clear to see we have entered a new school year. With that comes many new opportunities for student leaders to come together and work together on leadership skills. As always, the state conference will be held in March of 2015 at the Grand Traverse Resort. Springport and Ovid-Elsie High Schools have been working extremely hard to make this conference the best one yet! We will take a dive into the rich history of our beloved state and the wonderful people it encompases. During the Pure Leadership conference students will also have the opportunity to learn the five Lakes of Leadership. These five traits, which include honesty, optimism, motivation, energy, and selflessness, will help students become the very best leaders that Michigan has to offer. We look forward to seeing everyone there, and keep your eyes on the calendar for the first round of registration, because we don’t want anyone missing out on this great conference!

Getting the Most Out of your Council Kids

Written by Kristy Pierce

Allow me to preface this entry by saying that in no way am I the perfect advisor, with the perfect council, led by the perfect kids. Far from it. What I can do is offer up a few thoughts on what I’ve tried to do to have a good school year with some really great kids. So without further ado, here are my ideas on how to get the most out of your council kids. Read more here!

Is Your Council Ready to Host an Event? (Regional CONNECT)

If your student activities group is ready to take the next step in programmatic leadership, consider applying to host a Regional CONNECT event in your area. Host schools collaborate with MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership in selecting the program theme, speakers, content and program schedule of events. Read more here!

OK2SAY Student Safety Hotline

Written by Wendy Zdeb

OK2SAY, a new hotline and student safety initiative, is now available to Michigan students. OK2SAY enables students to confidentially report potential harm or criminal activities aimed at students, teachers, staff or other school employees. The program will operate as an early warning system for schools, with a focus on early intervention and prevention. Read more here!

MASC/MAHS Alumni Spotlight

Written by Dru Brenner

The sunny California weather, the palm trees lining the entrance, the bikes whizzing by with cheerful students greeting one another. The moment I stepped onto Stanford’s campus, I knew it was the place I wanted to be. Read more here!

States Registration Timeline - Mark Your Calendar!

Registration for the MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership State Conference is constantly evolving to stay agile to the needs of our members. Working with the Adviser Board to create a diverse, while inclusive State Conference, we have adopted a new registration process policy to create the best experience for our members. The entire process is being announced at this time to allow advisers and students to plan for the year ahead, removing any unknowns from the equation. Read more here!

Alliance for Student Activites

The evidence is too important to ignore. Student activities offer an affordable, common sense strategy for keeping kids in school and helping them to thrive. So how can educators ensure that all students are engaged, especially those who are at risk of slipping through the cracks? Read more here!

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