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Faulty Apple wall plug adaptor

Update on faulty Apple wall plug adaptors, including iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you should check your wall plug adaptor to see if it’s faulty. Faulty wall plug adaptors have been reported for the following devices: iPhone, MacBook, iPad and iPod. Please apply for replacement units through ITS for Massey-owned devices. Read more >

Recheck your Toshiba laptop battery pack

The link for checking your Toshiba laptop battery pack provided in the ITS News Flash was incorrect. Please recheck your battery pack here. We apologise for the inconvenience. If yours is faulty, complete the replacement request form and wait for the ITS Service Desk to contact you.


A software management tool will be installed on all Massey-owned Windows computers

ITS will begin to remotely install System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) on all Massey-owned Windows computers as of Monday 15 February. Staff should submit an exemption request if they have a computer that's used for special purposes such as research/plant equipment or with dedicated/custom hardware; or with other substantial reasons to be excluded from the installation of SCCM. Requests must be submitted by COB Friday 12 February. Read more >

Software Center

Get software easily on Windows computers

After the SCCM client has been installed on a Windows computer, a software catalogue called Software Center becomes available. Staff can easily download software directly from Software Center onto their computers in as little as two clicks. Read more >

Casper Self Service

Get software easily on Macs

Massey offers a software catalogue for Mac users called Casper Self Service. Check to see if you have Casper Self Service installed. If you don't have it, go to, sign in and download the package, then contact the ITS Service Desk to have the free software bundle enabled.


SPSS activation codes for 2016

2016 SPSS activation codes for versions 22 and 23 have arrived. If you are using SPSS 21 or below, you will need to upgrade. To find out more see


Improved security for online transactions

Massey has partnered with BNZ so that online card transactions can be handled inside BNZ’s secure environment, which removes the risk of Massey processing, storing or even seeing card details. Business units and applications will transition to using BNZ shortly. For more information and dates, visit the ITS Website.

Delivery delays for new PC orders

Hardware upgrades have delayed the delivery of new PCs. Additional resources have been dedicated to clearing the backlog, so we can get them delivered to you as soon as possible.

The worst passwords of 2015

SplashData recently released their annual list of worst passwords, based on 2 million leaked passwords during the year. This year noted the debut of longer passwords, showing that longer passwords are not necessarily more secure, especially when they are easily guessable. When choosing your Massey network password consider the advice given by SplashData and avoid common university-related terms such as “Massey”, “university” and “teaching”. 

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