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International Diabetes Federation

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A conversation with IDF President, Jean Claude Mbanya

This month we say farewell to Jean Claude Mbanya, IDF’s President since 2009. After 18 years of working with IDF, we find out what his highlights were and what’s next for him.

At the start of your presidency did you set yourself particular goals? Have these been fulfilled? I think that at the start of every presidency you have both organisational and personal goals. On an organisational level, I was guided by the strategic plan for the triennium, approved by the General Council. This included the strengthening of IDF’s 200 Member Associations.  I also had some personal goals, which I wanted to fulfil during my term as IDF President.

At the start of my triennium, we had the global advocacy plan which was a priority for me to put into action. In 2006 the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 61/225 which shaped the way and gave us leverage through the World Diabetes Day campaign. As President of IDF, I had to ensure that the organisation continued to be the voice for all people with diabetes, regardless of where they lived. If you look at people with diabetes around the world, especially in low and middle income countries, awareness might be present but access to medication and health services and prioritisation by the healthcare systems is not always there. Read more


Spotlight on Japan

Our spotlight turns east this quarter, as we talk to the Japan Association for Diabetes Education and Care (JADEC). IDF’s Diabetes Atlas estimates that by 2030, over 10 million Japanese or 7% of the population will have diabetes. As conclusions are made from the 9th International Western Pacific Region Congress (WPR/AASD), we find out how last year’s earthquake has affected diabetes care and what the main challenges are for people with diabetes in Japan. 

What are some of the challenges facing people with diabetes in Japan?
The problem is that despite being diagnosed with diabetes, an increasing number of people neither seek medical attention nor continue with treatment. In order to prevent the onset of complications arising from negligence in diabetes care, JADEC has been working alongside the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in creating and distributing educational materials targeting people in their prime of life. Also, as indifference to diabetes is one of the factors that contribute to people ceasing treatment, we promote awareness among healthy people by organizing lectures and events. Read more

A blogger’s view: Mike Young

Perhaps better known by his online persona, “El Gringo”, Mike answers our questions this quarter on diabetes care in Spain, how the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) has supported him and why all people with diabetes need to get online!

What do you think are the main differences between the diabetes blogging community in Europe and the USA? I see many differences not only between Europe and the USA but also between Spain and Europe. I think it is generally acknowledged that USA healthcare is more "patient centric" concerning diabetes care and that often translates into how people with diabetes engage with others including doctors and other members of their health/diabetes care team.

The Spanish community is still in its infancy however, there are signs that it is growing. Patients are now starting to engage locally for example through diabetes associations. Blogging tools are now easily accessible and connecting the dots has never been easier given the rise in social media usage. Read more

The Poor Chef: Enriching diabetes knowledge

IDF’s newest Blue Circle Champion is celebrity chef Charles Mattocks. Nephew of Bob Marley and commonly known by his TV persona- the Poor Chef, Charles is on a mission to bring diabetes awareness to those who need it most. Read more about what being a champion means to him.

I am Charles Mattocks. I am a son, a father, a businessman and first and foremost a lover of God, without whom none of those titles, would have been possible. I also have diabetes. I believe God places within each of us a way to make a difference in this world. For a while I thought I was living out His plan for me by being a TV chef, writing cookbooks, developing and marketing sauces, and traveling the country to educate people about healthy and affordable meals.  I didn't find my true mission until I was diagnosed with diabetes. Read more

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IDF News

Spreading diabetes awareness around the world!

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On November 14 the global diabetes community and beyond came together in a powerful display of diabetes awareness. World Diabetes Day proved that more needs to be done to protect our future from a disease which has killed 4.8 million people this year alone. Thousands of newspapers, journals and blogs carried IDF’s WDD messages and our 200 Member Associations organised screening and awareness activities around the world.

India was the focal point of celebrations for 2012, with mass screenings for diabetes and over 30 landmark buildings being bathed in blue light.
For more information on this year’s extraordinary events, please check out our WDD page.

Global targets for diabetes and NCDs

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Significant progress has been made in IDF’s global advocacy campaigns in the final quarter of 2012. Our year long fight to secure global targets for diabetes and Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) concluded at a World Health Organisation meeting in Geneva on November 7. During this landmark meeting all governments agreed a Global Monitoring Framework for NCDs as well as nine global targets that will balance both prevention and treatment. The remaining elements of the global response to diabetes and NCDs, namely the Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020 and a Global NCD Partnership, are also taking shape through various consultations. Find out more here

Healthier workplaces equal healthier communities

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How can we use the workplace not just to improve the health of employees, but also their friends, family and the greater community too? With your help, we are interested in creating solutions that enable people to make healthier choices at work and in life. From  inspiring behavior change to catalyzing broader health and wellness impacts, we are eager to explore solutions together. IDF in collaboration with Bupa and OpenIDEO aims to understand how people can best be supported to make positive changes to their health, as well as the skills and tools needed to pass that on to their network of co-workers, family and friends. Find out how you can contribute here

Supporting Life for a Child on World Diabetes Day

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IDF partner Boehringer Ingelheim has continued their support of the IDF Life for a Child Programme by donating the proceeds raised from an employee 3km run held at the company's headquarters on World Diabetes Day. Over 450 employees participated in the run and a total of €20,000 was donated to the IDF programme. This is the fourth consecutive year that the company has organized an initiative in support of Life for a Child.

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