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Stephen Curry’s “Different Kind of Ball Game”

BCI recognizes the influence that professional players have, and we support integrity- and faith-driven players who step up as real-life heroes. Together with other pro players, coaches, community leaders, and parents, BCI celebrates athletes like Stephen Curry – a man of faith, a young husband and father, a Golden State Warrior, and an influencer. He’s also had a tough run, as Stephen Copeland describes in his article, “The Year That Changed Him,” in the All-Basketball, October 2012 DigiMag issue of Sports Spectrum Magazine. “The No. 7 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft didn’t pan out the way Warrior fans hoped last season, when he missed 40 out of 66 contests and his final 27 games because of a right ankle injury. It was by far the most frustrating season of his basketball career, high school and college included.”  Curry is back on the court now, with a four-year contract extension and an injury that will impact the rest of this career. That’s a lot of heartache, achievement, and pressure for a 24 year old.

But Curry informed Copeland, “I’m in a different demographic than most of the players and most of my teammates. Totally different situation. Different priorities. Different interests. Me, personally, battling being a part of the team and not being the odd ball out – that’s the hardest thing to balance. My priority is to be a man and child of God and not to get sucked into the temptations a lot of guys don’t have a problem getting into. Family definitely helps me in that regard because if my faith carries them and they’re happy, I know I’m doing the right thing.”

His wife, Ayesha, confirmed to Copeland, “There has never been a day that he has had a frown on his face… It’s to the point where I’m in awe and shock. How do you not bring all of that stress home with you? He comes home with a smile on his face and happy. I appreciate it.”

Curry told Copeland: “He (God) has given me a lot of responsibility. He’s encouraged me to really be the spiritual head of the house; He has called all men to be. It’s easy when you’re by yourself to be selfish about it, but when you have other people you are accountable for – emotionally, spiritually, physically – it’s a different ball game.” We like the way he’s showing his peers and fans how every day, good or bad and on or off the court, is a testament to his faith.

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Active Faith News Flash!

Active Faith, a Christian sports apparel brand which strives to use athletics as a platform to “represent our faith while sharing and spreading the word of God,” is hosting a “Faith & Family Allstar Event” in partnership with the Houston Rockets. The event is scheduled concurrently with the NBA All-Star Weekend, where “NBA players from around the league will share their testimonies.” Stephen Curry (see above) is scheduled to attend! Find, share, and like the link on BCI’s Facebook feed.


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