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In a November 2010 Time Compression magazine article, Editorial Director Gary S. Vasilash noted that, "Speed-as in 'accelerating product development'-is something that we're certainly in favor of, but there is a caveat involved, which is to say, "Don't go faster unless you can also go better."

As our customers know, since its founding Innovative Polymers has been driven by the desire to formulate and manufacture polyurethanes that combine environmental safety with easy handling to quickly produce highest quality prototypes and initial parts. Among our latest new product offerings are a high-performance, ABS-like material, a translucent, polyethylene-like product and a low-density flexible foam that can help customer go "faster" and "better".

We look forward to hearing your reactions to these new additions to our product offering!

  • TP 4020 high-performance polyurethane is a stiff material with an ultra-high flexural modulus of up to 885,000 psi and heat deflection temperature of 263°F. It is ideal for fast casting of ABS-like functional prototypes and parts used in automotive under-hood and interior applications as well as precision equipment gears and components. The product can be demolded after one hour at 150°F.
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  • IE 3040 Shore 60 +/-5 D polyurethane is a polyethylene-like material formulated for rotocasting and vacuum casting parts such as bottles. Translucent IE 3040 polyurethane parts are durable with an elongation of 55%, good flexural and high-heat characteristics and a notched Izod impact strength of 2.8 ft-lbs/in. The versatile system can be demolded after less than two hours at room temperature.
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  • FM 104 lightweight, flexible foam has a density of 3-5 pcf designed for meter-mix dispensing or drill-mixing for optimum cell structure. The material has a fast 15-20 second cream time and can be demolded in less than 40 minutes. The foam can be used for seating, safety helmet inserts and taxidermy blanks.
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Coloring Polyurethanes

Many Innovative Polymers products can be pigmented to a specified color either by the customer or using our unique in-house color-matching service. Before considering polyurethane pigmentation, however, there are a number of factors to consider: For example, UV stability may be affected. Read more...

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