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As required by Washington State Law

Dear ,

On July 1, 2013 a new law will take effect requiring that Reflexologists be certified by the State of Washington.

If I am not mistaken, this law has been created to protect not only the practice of reflexology, but also to reduce the growing occurrences of Human Trafficking in our State. I am glad to support both this new law and my practice, as I have invested the last 15 years of my career to studying and practicing Reflexology and want to be proud of the level of security and quality of life for all in our State.

That being said, and because I have been practicing reflexology for so long, I have emailed, voicemailed, Google searched, and had long conversations with all involved to inquire about becoming Grand-fathered into the practice of Reflexology. Alas, I have been told many things – all stating its impossibility.

The two quotes below (A. from the Washington State Board of Health and B. from the Washington Reflexology Assocation) sum it up:

A.) estheticians, cosmetologists, nail technicians and registered nurses will NOT be able to advertise or practice reflexology unless they have gone through State certification.

B.) Any discipline which allows you to touch the feet, hands or ears will not automatically allow you to offer reflexology. The only option is to complete the required training to become a certified reflexologist!

When I first became aware of this new law, I wasn’t sure how much Studio Karri L clients valued reflexology. I looked through my past appointments records, crunched some numbers and spoke directly with many of you to discover that you really love it! Because of this revelation, I have decided to work my tail off to complete the required class and documentation hours, as well as the written and state board exam before the deadline of July 1, 2013. Many of the required classes are weekend long as well as some weekday evenings. Because of this, my hours at the Studio will be slightly limited but I will try to make up for them by being flexible and offering appointments outside of my posted hours. I ask for all of you to please be patient as your support during this transition will help me immensely!















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As you all know, my baby is due July 26th and the late Spring/early Summer months are often some of the busiest months at SKL, making the completion of these requirements difficult.


I am going to do my best, but in case it simply cannot be done, I want all of you to know that, although I cannot legally use the word “reflexology” on my menu, I will be using my past 15 years of experience studying and practicing reflexology to continue to offer you hand and foot treatments that reduce stress and help the body to balance and heal itself. What this newly termed service will becalled is yet to be determined, but, when you see a new treatment on my menu, you will know exactly what it is!

Thank you for your patience, support and willingness to be flexible!

Yours naturally,