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Contact with nature reduces stress and aggression, one reason scholars say urban green space may reduce violence. Shutterstock

Can parks help cities fight crime?

Lincoln Larson, North Carolina State University; S. Scott Ogletree, Clemson University

Some parks reduce violence in the local vicinity. Other parks attract crime. The difference has to do with how these urban green spaces are designed, programmed and managed, experts say.

The components of an iPhone add up to a different cost than the phone itself. Poravute Siriphiroon/Shutterstock.com

The guts of an Apple iPhone show exactly what Trump gets wrong about trade

Jason Dedrick, Syracuse University; Greg Linden, University of California, Berkeley; Kenneth L. Kraemer, University of California, Irvine

Trump believes the money Americans spend on Chinese imports like the iPhone goes straight into China's pockets. In reality, China gets very little value from it.


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