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September Newsletter

Hey everyone! It's already the end of September and all of us in Arizona are looking forward to the cooler temperatures coming our way. We have a lot of new stuff to update you on here at DVAP. First, a few months back I mentioned that we purchased a large amount of parts from a Pontiac collector. I have finally found time to start opening some of the boxes and have begun to share some of the stuff in our Loose Parts Section.  Most of what I am finding is ‘61 to ‘63 Pontiac full size and ’66 to ‘67 GTO, and over the next few newsletters I should have everything posted for you all.

Second, we have started to play in the "late model" game. We have been getting so many requests for mid-90's stuff, especially from our customers back east, so we decided to start collecting some of the most frequently requested years, makes and models. Now when you browse the web site you will notice a lot of newer classed inventory with an "E" on the DVID listing. The "E" will indicate our new lot in Casa Grande. In addition to that, Ron and Jason have reopened Fred’s. If you’re a local, or just know the History of DVAP, this is where it all started for us. This lot will fill a need for our local customers who need a North Phoenix location to get later model parts.

What does this mean for all you guys from the other side of the country?? Well, we now can help customers that not only want to keep their classic cars going but we can also service the daily drivers and work trucks! In the past, we have found that trying to source the customer when they call, even for later models, once we find the source a new problem comes up. . .shipping. There are very few local recycling yards that ship out of state. That all changes now.  With that said, we are just starting to collect, so if you or anyone that you know is struggling to find something we will extend our collection up into mid 90's in hopes we might be able to help.

Now that I made you read a novel...enjoy this month’s new arrivals.

New Arrivals

1950 Studebaker 4 Door Sedan

1960 Pontiac Ventura 2 Door HT

1961 Buick Le Sabre 4 Door HT

1963 Mercury Meteor 2 Door Sedan

1964 Ford Falcon Ranchero

1964 Pontiac Grand Prix 2 Door HT

1966 Plymouth Satellite 2 Door HT

1967 Delta 88 2 Door HT

1968 Ford LTD 4 Door HT

1969 Mercury Marquis Pillard 4 Door HT

1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 4 Door Sedan

1971 Buick Rviera 2 Door HT

1973 Pontiac Le Mans 2 Door HT

1974 Chevrolet Camaro 2 Door Coupe

1976 Buick Le Sabre Custom 4 Door Sedan

1976 Ford F150 Long Bed

1977 Dodge Aspen Special Edition 4 Door Station Wagon

1989 Ford Mustang Convertible


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Loose Parts/ Trunk Treasures

66-7 GTO Lock Set With Keys

66-7 GM A Body NOS Visor Mounts

1966 GTO 6.5 Liter Emblems

1967 GTO Turn Lamps