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We've had a baby!

Beaufort Street Network proudly introduces our first baby!  A big shout out to our very hard working executive member Michelle who was working late into the night preparing and updating our new marketing strategies and framework, checking the back of our website, answering emails, prepping projects for next year - and more - the night BEFORE the cute little Zara Rose came into the World!  And who is now still helping via late night emails and advice. Phew!  this little lady is definitely born with lineage to the Throne....uh, we mean Chair!

A heartfelt congratulations to Michelle and Joe from Crust Pizza!  We are so happy for you!  Welcome to the world Zara.

Straker is just striking!

Drew Straker is doing a striking job painting our laneway between St. Michael's (previously Jackson's) and Orno Interiors.  Be sure to check it out - looking amazing!

Sssh! someone painted the sign...

It finally happened.  There was a story or two behind it but we're moving on.  Loving the new sign - just in time to frame the stage for the first Beaufort Street Art Market on Sunday September 7th.  

Visit the 18 stalls packed with art wares or rummage through our Suitcase Stall holders who have packed their suitcases to the brim with overflowing goodness! Or just bring down your paintings on the day and for a small fee hang them for sale on the public art fence gallery.  Don't paint?  Come down and buy one then!

Visit the Beaufort Street website for more details.

Foodi Fun!

Visiting our lovely Five Bar and Rochelle Adonis plus 3 surprise venues on Beaufort Street, the Foodi Beaufort Street Brunch Tour enables guests to experience the best of brunch in Perth by visiting 5 iconic venues along Beaufort St. At each venue guests have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavours created by passionate chefs, and will hear from members of the staff about the ethos of each restaurant or cafe and why they are so passionate about what they do.

So get on your walking shoes for 3 hours of deliciousness on Saturday mornings and join the passionate Jacqueline to guide you down the delights of our street! Yum!

Festival Flash!

The Beaufort Street Festival 2014 is calling out now for Street Performers, Buskers, Flash Mobs!  

Dancers, Jugglers, Poets, Mime, Crazy Peoples, Funny Peoples, Singers, Actors or anyone who is engaging and fabulous - 

contact the Festival Team without delay - you know you want to!

There's a Method to this...

Work in progress - another collaborative initiative between The City of Vincent, local business Method Clothing and the Beaufort Street Network - refreshing the shop wall mural with a complete remake.  Stay tuned and watch it evolve.  

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