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Toyota Installs KYOCERA-Powered Solar Carport at Tijuana Manufacturing Plant

Kyocera Solar Inc. today announced that its solar modules have been installed on a new photovoltaic (PV) carport at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Baja California (TMMBC). The system was inaugurated today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Tijuana Mayor Carlos Bustamante; Federico Serrano Banuelos, president of the Maquiladora Industry Association of Tijuana (AIM); Joe Da Rosa, president of TMMBC; and David Hester, president of Kyocera Mexicana, S.A. de C.V.

The new carport canopy, which covers a portion of the TMMBC facility's parking area, will harness the sun's energy to further enhance Toyota's environmental friendliness and reduce carbon emissions by more than 28 tons each year. Designed and installed by Todo Solar MX, the system features 24 kilowatts (kW) of Kyocera solar modules and an SMA Sunny Boy power inverter to generate up to 121 kilowatt hours of renewable electricity each day - equivalent to the daily energy requirements of about 15 typical Tijuana-area homes.

"Toyota's commitment to the environment is a way of life, both within our operations and in our products -- as exemplified by award-winning vehicles like the Toyota Tundra pickup and Prius hybrid sedan," said Joe Da Rosa, president of TMMBC. "We are pleased to partner with Kyocera to install this solar carport as a visible reminder of our efforts to create a healthier environment for future generations."

TMMBC has been manufacturing Toyota trucks and cars in its Baja California facility since 2002, where it employs 985 people.

Kyocera and Toyota have a history of collaboration on projects to benefit the environment. In 2008, Toyota's Tsutsumi Plant in Japan installed a Kyocera solar power generating system rated at 2,000kW, enough to power about 500 local households. Additionally, Kyocera's solar cells are integrated into a unique Solar Powered Ventilation System available as an option on select Toyota Prius hybrid automobiles.

"Kyocera is delighted to assist Toyota in achieving its renewable energy goals," said Steve Hill, president of Kyocera Solar, Inc. "We are especially pleased to support applications like the Toyota manufacturing plant in Baja California and the globally renowned Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle."

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First Feed-in-Tariff project interconnected in Los Angeles

With the flip of a switch, Los Angeles officials recently inaugurated the nation’s largest rooftop solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) program, enabling hundreds of building owners to create solar power plants on their rooftops and sell solar power to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) for distribution on the city’s power grid. All told, the program, originally proposed and supported by the Los Angeles Business Council and the CLEAN LA Solar Coalition, will generate 150 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable solar energy—enough energy to power over 43,000 typical homes and reduce 147 metric tons of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to removing 28,300 cars off the road. The implementation of this FiT program marks an important step forward in completely transforming the city’s power supply, weaning LA from coal, and meeting the state-mandated renewable energy level of 33% by 2020.

As a global solar manufacturer and a member of the Los Angeles Business Council, Kyocera worked with the LABC and UCLA to help develop a FiT program that makes sense for Los Angeles. With our North American manufacturing capabilities and a proven 38-year track record of building reliable, high performance solar modules, we are well-positioned to help residents and businesses in Los Angeles take advantage of this opportunity to cut costs, increase energy production and reduce their impact on the environment. This short video provides more details about the LADWP program, including testimonials from local and national business leaders that support it, such as Kyocera. Watch the video on the L.A. FiT program HERE.

KYOCERA and PV Systems Bring Solar Energy to Central Waters Brewing Company

Innovative, Proven Reliable Solar Solutions Showcased in Kyocera and PV SYSTEMS Tent

Kyocera Solar Inc. today announced today that its proven, reliable solar modules have been installed at the Central Waters Brewing Co. in Amherst, WI by Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. 17.8 kW of solar arrays are providing approximately 20 percent of the brewery's total electrical load from the clean, renewable energy of the sun.

The solar electric system is producing 21,472 kilowatt hours of electricity annually, which equates to offsetting nearly 13 tons of CO2 emissions – or the equivalent carbon absorption of approximately 460 trees - and helps to reduce electricity costs. The 12,500 square foot Central Waters Brewing Co. services more than 200 retail locations in Central Wisconsin and includes 18 unique beer style offerings.

“We’re committed to being one of the most environmentally sustainable breweries in the country and we consider the environmental impact of every aspect of our business,” said Paul Graham, president of Central Waters. “Making beer can be very resource intensive so it was very important to offset some of that energy use with solar. Our Kyocera solar solution has performed extremely well since it was installed a couple of years ago. So well, in fact, that we’ve already expanded it.”

The solar array features Kyocera’s KD185GX PV module and the SB6000US inverter, allowing flexibility to utilize the solar energy on site or feed it into the electricity grid. Kyocera will showcase its latest high quality, reliable solar solutions in the Kyocera/PV Systems Tent at the Annual Energy Fair in Wisconsin this weekend. Wisconsin is ranked 24th in the country for cumulative installed solar capacity with enough solar in the state to power 2,000 homes and the solar industry employs approximately 1,000 people in the state, according to the Solar Energy Industry Association.

“Kyocera’s solar solutions have powered large-scale industrial projects, low-income, multi-family housing units and now an environmentally-friendly brewery,” said Steve Hill, president, Kyocera Solar Inc. “Seeing companies like Central Waters evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of their businesses drives home the value of efficient, reliable solar solutions that can ultimately help their bottom lines as well.”