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Objective Experience partners with Google and IPSOS

Objective has experienced an influx of great projects. We're particularly excited about our recent eye tracking research project with Google and IPSOS using Tobii's new Pro Glasses 2.

Are People Watching My TV Ads? Australian Advertising in a Skippable World

Getting someone to put down the remote (or smartphone) and pay attention to your TV ad is harder than ever. In the digital age, viewers have limited attention spans, more distractions, and countless ways to ignore or skip ads.

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“The act of remembering is more akin to putting puzzle pieces together than retrieving a video recording.” -Elizabeth F. Loftus

We often reconstruct memories and experiences based on bias and social norms. These misinterpretations from respondents can have a serious impact on our ability as researchers to extract accurate and objective data, especially in qualitative settings. It made for a great topic of discussion during our recent roadshow in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Usability testing vs. User journey research

Usability testing vs. User journey research

What does usability testing mean to you? What is a user journey research? Well, both usability testing and finding out what a user journey research is, fall under the whole spectrum of User Experience and they are essential to the success of a product or service. Although both can work closely together, usability testing and user journey research have different roles.

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Usability Testing - Does independence Matter? - 'When the goal of testing a design is to gain an accurate measure of how usable it is, the testing requires an independent practitioner with no vested interest in a positive or negative outcome.'

The convenience of bundling UX and Design is becoming less of a cost effective approach, and more of a risk.  We are seeing more and more of our clients engaging an independent, 3rd party to carry out the user testing of their products & services to ensure the needs of the customer are genuinely represented without any bias or influence.  It simply begs the question how could a Design or Dev team/ agency be truly impartial to their own designs? We appreciate this blog from an agency who states as much, and more.  Read more

Managing False Positives In UX Research

Don't you hate when that email you were looking for ended up in your spam folder?

Or when you go through security at the airport and the medical detector flags your belt or shoes as something nefarious?

Or when you get a medical test back that indicated a problem only to find out everything was okay?

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How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Once upon a time, Apple was known for designing easy-to-use, easy-to-understand products. It was a champion of the graphical user interface, where it is always possible to discover what actions are possible, clearly see how to select that action, receive unambiguous feedback as to the results of that action, and have the power to reverse that action—to undo it—if the result is not what was intended.

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Need Research Facilities & Recruitment?

Objective offers state of the art facilities for Research, Testing and Training. Conveniently located on King St. Wharf. Learn more about our Research Hub

Our recruitment service, Sydney Research Network (SRN) finds the right participants for your study. Learn more about SRN

Welcome to Objective Experience

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to Alissa Condra, our newest UX Consultant in Syndey. Alissa comes with a solid background in UX and IT. Originally from Wisconsin she has experience in both the US & Australian markets.

I'd love to hear about what you have been doing and how we can support your success.

Sheilah Hogan
Managing Director, Sydney