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Merry Christmas from all of us at Hope Force International!

We want to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all who have prayed, given and participated in conveying God’s love to people affected by calamity and crisis in 2022.  Your partnership with Hope Force International is something that we do not take for granted.  As Hebrews 6:10 states: “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”

Our prayer is that Christmas will be filled with God’s peace – and that His favor will rest upon you!

With hope and appreciation,

Jack & Cherie Minton, Founders

PS:  Would you please consider making an investment into Hope Force International (HFI) as a part of your year-end giving?  We must be ready at a moment’s notice to put our love of God and people into compassionate action.  A donation of any size is deeply appreciated and will help us finish the year strong. With your support, HFI will continue to bring hope through compassionate action to disaster survivors — here at home and abroad. Together, we can make an immediate and lasting difference!


  • Waverly, TN: post-flood rebuilds
  • Nepalpost-earthquake relief/rebuild and healthcare clinics
  • Mexico: serving indigenous children & families in post-earthquake relief
  • Appalachia:  teams serving the most vulnerable throughout the year
  • Western Kentucky:  post-tornado rebuilds

  • Arabi, Louisiana: tornado relief
  • Seminole, Oklahoma:  tornado relief
  • Haiti: Houses of Hope:  building latrines, Child Sponsorship Program
  • Eastern Kentucky:  flood relief
  • Ft Myers, FL: Hurricane Ian relief
  • Ukraine/Romania: refugee relief and "Tiny Homes" project for the most vulnerable
  • Online Reservist Training Project: disaster response training project launched to increase the numbers of HFI responders

Hope In Ukraine


Hope Force deployed teams to Romania to assist Ukrainian refugees who fled there. Also, in collaboration with a local partner, ‘Tiny Homes” are being provided for the elderly, often called "babushkas" — and other vulnerable people whose homes have been destroyed by war. Please take a moment to watch this short video.


Grandma Galina

At 73 years old, Grandma Galina is alone after losing her husband and only son, not long before the war started. The recent loss of her husband was devastating, but the loss of her son was absolutely heartbreaking. He took a job at an aircraft manufacturing plant that exposed him to high levels of radioactive substances. The exposure took his life in just three days.

Galina’s neighborhood was hit hard by Russian forces. Her house was not completely destroyed but the time and cost to make it livable again were insurmountable. So many people from her neighborhood have lost their homes and loved ones. She does not have any relatives around, and only a few friends left.

Due to the explosions during the attack on her neighborhood, Galina is having extreme hearing issues. On top of all the loss in her life, Grandma Galina is courageously battling cancer.

What does hope look like for Grandma Galina? Hope comes in the shape of an 8 x 20 tiny home — given with joy and love. For an elderly person in Ukraine, this tells her that she is not alone and that someone cares!


Western Kentucky Rebuilding


An exciting new venture was born out of the deadly tornado outbreak in Kentucky — two weeks before Christmas 2021. Hope Force has begun pre-framing homes offsite with the assistance of local churches, businesses and schools. They are then delivered to families who lost everything in the tornados. Additional volunteers work to erect walls, rafters, roof, doors and windows on site.   To date, we have completed 3 homes and we hope to replicate this model even more in the future.   Please watch the video to learn more about the project and how you can be involved in the future!

EXCITING NEW MINISTRY in Seminole, Oklahoma!

In May of this past year, two tornadoes hit the city of Seminole, OK,  48 hours apart from one another.  Hope Force International was on the ground within a few hours after the second storm.  During our three week deployment to provide emotional and spiritual care, as well as roof tarp application, we developed numerous relationships with city officials and survivors in Seminole.  We have embarked on partnering with a local foundation, as well as the city of Seminole, to explore the feasibility of building neighborhoods for those displaced by the storms.  In addition, we seek to provide home ownership for those who struggle within the realities of chronic need.  The foundation has provided seed money to get the donated sites surveyed and engineered, and the provision of funding for the excavation work for the 12-14 homes we hope to build in the first neighborhood.

The city of Seminole sits within the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma — the largest of the three recognized Seminole tribe governments.  The other two governments are within the state of Florida.  Out of the roughly 19,000 enrolled tribal members of the Seminole people, 13,500 live here in Oklahoma.  Within the overall population of the city itself, over 25% live below the federal poverty line.  This, coupled with the displacement from tornado damage, has created what we call a "complex disaster."

In the coming year we will have the opportunity for Reservists and volunteers to help build 12-14 homes — providing home ownership to those displaced because of these storms.  Please click on the video to hear more about the work we are embarking upon.  Also, if you would like to financially contribute to this ministry, please designate the funding to Seminole in the drop down menu.


Houses of Hope


René and Marianne Lako have continued to serve faithfully in Haiti, despite the overwhelming challenges of living in a country in horrific turmoil.  Houses of Hope, providing latrines and feeding programs are just a few of the projects they have been working on.  Please watch the video to the right to see an update from René and Marianne.

Sixteen months after the deadly flooding in Waverly, Tennessee, our hearts are still captured by this community. Hope Force has engaged in rebuilding efforts at various times throughout the year.  In addition to our own efforts, we have also assisted a partner organization in their rebuilding program. We’ve installed electrical wiring in several homes earmarked for those in need. Our heart is to continue to serve this community going forward.  If you’re interested in joining this noble effort as we engage in specific rebuilding projects, please reach out to Aaron Stetson.  If you can’t join us in the field, please consider a financial donation in support of the work in Waverly.



Hope Force Mexico has been hard at work providing training for our growing cadre of several hundred HFI Reservists. In addition to various disaster response initiatives, there is an increasing focus on providing child development programs for the vulnerable indigenous population. Click the image to learn more about Hope Force Mexico in 2022!

With the help of visiting teams this past summer, Hope Force Appalachia served some of our most vulnerable neighbors. Our focus is to make home repairs that will result in dwellings that are safe and dry.  After 13 years in McDowell, WV, we continue to see the work of God through our volunteers and teams.  We invite you to join us this next year as we reach out with compassionate action to our neighbors in Appalachia. Please take a moment to view this video depicting the work accomplished this past summer.

Hope Force completed a yearlong initiative to create an online version of our HFI Reservist training!  This training focuses on what it takes to be an appropriate and knowledgeable responder. Upon completion, you will be eligible for deployment with us the moment a disaster strikes. Please visit www.hopeforce.org/online-training to begin your Reservist journey today!