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Corrected Location: Oklahoma Tornado Deployment Alert

May 6, 2022

Dear HFI Reservist,

Wednesday evening brought with it another round of severe storms that Seminole, OK has been all too familiar with.  The National Weather Service's report revealed two high end EF1 tornados made a direct hit on the center of town where the highest population of people live.  What we discovered on the ground was what looked more like widespread hurricane-like damage.  Almost every home in the tornado's paths was impacted.  Tree damage is extensive and upwards of 100 homes are in need of tarps.  Shingles missing or peeled back are present on most homes.

Central U.S. Coordinator, Brian Wagner, has been on the ground since Thursday morning, assessing and speaking with local officials.  The Emergency Management meeting last night revealed that no other organization at this time is planning to provide tarp application.  As it is a small town in central Oklahoma, the media coverage has been very limited outside of the state itself.

We are deploying into Seminole, OK for about a week and we need you! We will be working on the ground this Tuesday through Saturday.  Our primary focus will be roof tarping; the weather forecast looks clear for the next several days and we want to get homes covered up quickly before the rains come in.

If you are able to respond to this call for help, please click the sign up link below and fill out the form.  For any questions, contact Connie Hasty at   Of course, we’d love to have you for the entire time, but we can accommodate you...even if only for a few days.

What You Need to Know:

  • Housing: Plan to sleep on the floor – bring mats/cots & sleeping gear
  • Meals: Provided by Hope Force

What you need to do now:

  • Conduct a self-assessment: "Is this a good time for me to consider deploying?"
  • Pray about participating
  • If you may be available, SIGN UP HERE  and fill out the form completely
  • Prepare your deployment gear & supplies
  • Communicate with family, friends and employer about possible deployment.  (They may even want to support you in this adventure. If they want a tax receipt, they can give online on the website and click on the dropdown link "I want my donation designated towards":   Torndao Response  and write your name in the comment section.
  • Complete any unfinished paperwork immediately, including a background check, if you have not already done so with Hope Force. (Details to follow, after you notify us of your interest to go.)

If you cannot go at this time, please consider giving to the response – and please pray for these efforts!