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YOU ARE NEEDED to Help Serve Ukrainian Refugees!

May 9, 2022

Unable to communicate because of the language barrier, a big smile from Steve told this young child that they were loved and not forgotten.  As the little girl took her bag of food and walked away, there was an ache in Steve’s heart for what the people of Ukraine were experiencing.  The little girl paused, turned around, and ran back to Steve.  As he knelt down, she handed him some of her cotton candy.  As Steve’s eyes filled with tears, he received his appreciation from this little girl for his willingness to show up and help.  In spite of this child’s painful reality, there was a gentleness and love for mutual humanity that could not be broken.  It is proof that God is with the broken-hearted...the displaced...the refugee.  It was a testimony to the goodness of God — despite the horrors of evil.  As Hope Force International continues to serve and love the people of Ukraine, our hope is that we are able to demonstrate, in tangible ways, the message of hope and love that is embodied in Jesus.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to step into the chaos; to live in the uncomfortable in order to bring His peace and light. This past month, Hope Force had the privilege of stepping into chaos by sending teams to Romania in support of an organization called Fight for Freedom (FFF).  This organization is actively welcoming Ukrainian refugees at the border, housing them in their facility and sending humanitarian aid — deep within the borders of Ukraine itself.  Financially, Hope Force has provided funding to empower those working on the ground inside Ukraine.  We have also helped FFF purchase a van to empower them to continue this work.

HFI's Director of Disaster Services, Joey Stoltzfus, states: "My wife, Laura, and I have a number of Ukrainian friends on the ground in these difficult areas that are heavily impacted by war.  Though we all understand the magnitude of this conflict and the great humanitarian need at hand, there is something very personal for us as a family.  Ukraine was our home for many years, and our hearts ache for our friends who are suffering so greatly."

HFI will be sending teams back to Romania in June to continue to assist Fight For Freedom in remodeling their housing complex. They currently have about 50 refugees living there, but once the building is completed, the facility will be able to accomodate up to 300. We will also continue to assist FFF in providing bulk food items into Ukraine.


Skills needed:

• Russian or Ukrainian speakers
• Experience laying tile on floors and shower walls
• Hanging doors, installing trim, and other finish carpentry and painting
• Flexible in changing circumstances
• Able to prioritize the “Ministry of Presence” above using your technical skills

Dates for the upcoming trips:

There will be two teams going to Romania in June:
Team 1 -  June 4th-18th
Team 2 - June 18th-July 2nd

Thank you in advance for your prayers and your financial support as together, we express the compassionate love of God to the Ukrainian people who have endured such great suffering.