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Happy New Year, and welcome to the first update of 2020 from Signet Breeding Services. The past 12 months have been incredibly busy; attending breed sales and the NSA ram sales, but also launching the new database ‘signetdata.com’. With the new online capabilities, breeders in particular have found the database really helpful, with tools such as the new inbreeding software which was well used this autumn to sort ewes into tupping groups. Over the coming months we aim to help breeders get the most out of the new database and demonstrate how to get their information online, easily and efficiently. The new Signet database is probably one of most important projects I have been involved with in 20 years and I am delighted to now make it available for you all to use. 

Sam Boon
Signet Breeding Manager

Samuel Boon, Animal Breeding Senior Manager (Signet) © Robert Smith
Latest news
The launch of the new Signet database
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North Yorkshire Swaledale Breeders’ Group unveil three year project findings
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Have you registered your sires?
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Value of Performance Recording shines through at Kelso
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New Signet Database
New year, new website, new features

As 2019 progressed, so did the database with signetdata.com which has now reached completion. The website now hosts all of our information and guides. Some of the most recently updated features include:

  • Sheep for Sale
  • High Five Lists 
  • Inbreeding calculator 
  • Cataloguing feature 
  • Genetic trends
  • Flock Finder
  • Breeder Search
  • Progeny Report

To browse the site and try the latest tools, visit signetdata.com

Personalise your page

Members can add pictures to their breeder page and to individual animal pages that will appear in searches. We are encouraging breeders to use this opportunity to raise the profile of their animals and flock or herd.

We want your cattle pictures

We are asking for images of cattle to be sent in. These will be used on the new website and in our other publications, to raise awareness of performance recording and those breeders that are performance recording.

Using the ‘sheep for sale’ feature

A new feature of the website is the Sheep For Sale section. Rams can be marketed for sales that are:

  • off farm
  • via an auction market
  • as semen

Sales listings are open to all, and an excellent way for breeders to market their top rams. Members have the ability to add animals to sales groups, from these groups members can print catalogues and EBV charts easily.

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Make the most of your data
Tell Signet about new animals

If you have purchased new animals that are not already on the database, the animal will need to be added by Signet in the office. To do this we need the animal’s pedigree details and date of birth.

Enter lambing data online

Those flocks that have begun winter lambing can now enter their lambing data directly into signetdata.com. Members that are not lambing can set up sire lists ready for lambing and familiarise themselves with the online data entry. There are step by step instructions online.

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Sheep census

During the winter, when life is a little less hectic, it is a good time to take stock and evaluate the previous year. This offers the time to complete the census for your animals. This can be completed online, via excel or on a paper worksheet, marking animals that have left the farm (dead or sold).

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Serum and Saliva IgA testing

IgA testing will be provided by Biobest Labs in 2019. The test is priced at £5.50/sample (saliva or serum).

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Genetic Research
Ewe mature weight

A recent Abacus report calculates the optimum weight for ewes is between 55-65kg in commercial sheep enterprises. Heavier ewes cost more to feed and although the carcases are higher value, this does not negate the higher feed costs. This research is particularly relevant to maternal breeds that are being sold to form a large part of commercial sheep flocks.

For breeders wishing to manipulate this trait, EBVs are the answer. To produce this EBV accurately, weights from mature animals need to be collected. The weight and body condition score of ewes can be entered on signetdata.com. Shearling weights can also be recorded.

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Buying a Signet recorded ram for terminal sire traits

Join AHDB Beef & Lamb and Samuel Boon, Senior Manager with Signet Breeding Services, for a webinar on buying a recorded ram for terminal sire traits.

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What to look for when choosing a ram for your farm business

In this edition Emma Steele, Breeding Specialist for Signet Services talks to farmers Jamie Wilde and Andrew Walton about what traits they would look for when buying a Signet recorded ram, as well as their involvement with Signet and the RamCompare project.

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Ewe nutrition in mid to late pregnancy

Lis King, sheep scientist, talks to sheep consultant, Kate Phillips, about nutrition in sheep in mid to late pregnancy.

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How to Body Condition Score your flock

Nerys Wright, Knowledge Exchange Manager talks to Challenge Sheep farmer, Matt Blyth from Didling farms about how he Body Condition Scores his flock and, along with tips and tricks for other sheep farmers.

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28 February 2020
NSA Eastern Winter Fair, Leicestershire
4 April 2020
Dorset Centurion Sale, Exeter
5 – 6 May 2020
Dorset May Fair, Exeter
27 June 2020
Charollais Premier Sale, Worcestershire
27 June 2020
Hampshire Premier Sale, Shrewsbury
28 July 2020
NSA Malvern, Worcestershire

RamCompare events


June 2020 - Sion Williams, Selkirk

July 2020 - Richard Parry, Suffolk

July 2020 - Adrian Coombe, Cornwall

August 2020 - Ian Robertson, Hampshire

Beef update

Beef clients can now access their recording stationary online. Calving, weigh sheets, calf performance and census forms can all be printed off from the website. This information can also be entered online.

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Sheep stationary

Sheep clients now have the ability to print their own recording stationary, directly from the website. Lambing forms, weigh sheets and the sheep census are all pre-populated with your animals and ready for you to fill in.

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