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Annual Steward Reports Due to be Filed by March 30, 2012

The filing deadline for MMSM stewards is approaching. Stewards of packaging and printed paper in Manitoba need to file annual Steward Reports by Friday, March 30, 2012. You will be reporting on data for the calendar year 2011.

Fees for 2012
As you will be aware, the fees for stewards have been updated and some of the fee rates have changed for the 2012 obligation year. To view the 2012 fees: http://www.stewardshipmanitoba.org/stewards/table_of_fees.php#fees_2012

Information about fee changes
On November 10, 2011, MMSM hosted a webcast introducing the 2012 fees and inviting comment. To view the slides or webcast archive: http://www.stewardshipmanitoba.org/stewards/setting_fees.php

Introduction of new material sub-category
As previously announced, MMSM has added a new material category to the Steward Reporting system. This year, stewards will be asked to identify packaging related to Household Hazardous Waste products. The MMSM fees on these materials are exactly the same as on other packages that use these materials. By separating the packaging related to Household Hazardous Waste products in the system now, we will gather information to identify materials that may become part of the Household Hazardous Waste program, when it is phased in this spring. We are committed to preventing ‘double reporting’ by stewards and have set up this system as a first preventative measure. To find out more, please see the new “2012: New Material Sub-category (HHW)” FAQs on our website

More information
Please contact our customer service team: Phone: 1-877-883-5828 (toll-free) or email: customerservice@stewardshipmanitoba.org