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Nashville Flood: Situation Report #1

March 28, 2021

Saturday night, those in the Nashville area saw rain totals of anywhere from 6 to 12 inches.  Coupled with the already saturated ground and swollen rivers, flooding became a concern almost immediately.  In fact, in the Crieve Hall area of South Nashville, Hope Force has already seen homes with 2-3 feet of water.

One homeowner shared, “This flooding is worse than it was in 2010.  My grandmother has lived here for 20 years and has never seen it like this before.  Cars were floating down the river….” Another homeowner said the whole neighborhood had to be evacuated.  He pointed to a truck about 50 yards away.  “You see that truck?  My dad’s car is under that.”  Two of their vehicles had washed away from the powerful force of the floodwaters.

Residents are left with the question of what’s next.  “What am I going to do with all this?  How can I clean this out?” one asked.

Reservists and volunteers located near Nashville: we need you!  Given the existing need, and knowing the Cumberland River hasn’t even peaked yet, it is likely that other communities will suffer flooding as well.  Mucking out a house is a daunting process, one that is the vital first step in flood recovery.  Right now, residents are in desperate need of assistance.  We have the ability to answer the question, “What am I going to do with all this?  How can I clean this out?” We can roll up our sleeves and put our love of God into compassionate action on behalf of flood survivors who need help so desperately.

At this moment in time, we are only reaching out to Tennessee Hope Force Reservists and volunteers for hands-on help.  We do not yet know the full scope of flooding with the Cumberland River still rising.  That said, there are several pockets of areas in which we can immediately engage, bringing help and hope to our neighbors.

This time last year, middle Tennessee was still reeling from a horrific tornado outbreak that still has ramifications for many survivors.  Now, this is the second time in a little more than a decade that we at Hope Force International have endured massive flooding right here at our headquarters. 

Your prayers, participation and financial support are very much needed as we seek to do the best we can for as many as we can.