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Issue 2: December 2010

Thanks for your positive feedback on our first manufacturing e-newsletter. It's all very welcome as we aim to make this a useful resource for Kiwi manufacturers, packed with helpful tools and information.

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Grants to help you innovate

Technology New Zealand has a range of grants available to help businesses with funding, support and advice to undertake R&D projects and build their commercialisation capabilities. Whether you're an early stage business or one of New Zealand’s established exporters, you could be eligible. 

In total, NZ$77.5 million is available in the 2010/11 year to help businesses discover and develop new technologies and build people’s skills and knowledge to carry out leading-edge R&D.


Lifecycle Management tool

Landcare Research's LCM project aims to build skills and capacity within New Zealand manufacturing companies to embrace the principle of continuous environmental improvement from a product perspective.

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Getting NZ procurement practices more local industry-friendly

ManufacturingNZ is seeking examples where NZ procurement practices have worked against local manufacturers rather than for them. If I can get enough good examples together, I might be able to get some changes in this area of government procurement.

Please note they must be factual and I won’t publish a company name, but I will need to say you are happy to be contacted, so I do need your contact details. Examples I have so far include ridiculously short tender and delivery times for large projects, lack of attention to quality - with steel fences rusting out within 6 months of installation, and being overlooked in Australian tenders even when considerably more price competitive.

Background information

Please send me some good examples ( and I will see if I can make headway on this issue. 

C Beard


Here's how we catch Australia

Manufacturing holds the key. Here I look at what we need to do improve our position in the productivity stakes and how important talent driven innovation is for raising our manufacturing competitiveness.

C Beard


Voucher scheme helps with state-of-the-art training

Hamilton manufacturer, Stainless Design, is one of an increasing number of companies turning to the polytechnics and institutes of technology for assistance with their business development needs. 

Using Wintec’s Research, Development and Transfer (RD&T) voucher scheme, Stainless Design approached Wintec to assist with a new customised training solution.


PM's business scholarships

The Prime Minsiter recently announced the recipients of his inaugral Business Scholarships to study at a leading international institution, and bring back invaluable skills and experience to New Zealand.

The scholarships are designed to encourage business owners, senior managers and executives of internationalising firms to develop their leadership skills and to help build business capability back at home.


Kiwi technology companies offered a soft landing in Sydney

Australia’s leading business acceleration company ATP Innovations has announced a special programme to assist New Zealand technology companies entering the Australian market.

Aimed at companies in the areas of biotechnology, life sciences, clean technology, ICT and engineering, the programme is designed to provide a ‘soft landing’ for New Zealand companies.

ATP Innovations CEO Hamish Hawthorn said the decision to work with New Zealand business was motivated by a desire to facilitate better business commercialisation of Kiwi companies.

Interested companies are encouraged to contact Susan Wilson, National Manager NZTE Australia on +61 3 9604 2004 or email for more details or visit


Need an investor?

A Middle Eastern businessman with a sucessful history of NZ investment (references available), is looking to invest in further New Zealand companies who wish to expand in the next 6 -12 months.

The ideal company profile is: trading profitably for more than 5 years, already exporting but looking to develop faster than current funding capability. Investments of NZD $100,000 to $500,000.00 will be considered.

 All enquires will be treated in confidence. Email: Robyn Galloway on for more information.

Opportunities like this don't come along often! C Beard



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