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New InnoTuf® High Impact Polyurethanes

Innovative Polymers' latest InnoTuf® products represent the newest advances in thermoset polyurethane performance technology! The new products are easy to mix and pour, offer good demold times and exhibit outstanding combinations of high impact strength with excellent tensile strength and flexural characteristics. The following materials (click links for product data sheets) can be cured at room temperature or, for faster processing, at elevated temperatures between 150°F and 180°F:

  • InnoTuf® TP-4050 & TP-4051 polyurethanes are easy to use with 1:1 resin:hardener mix ratios, low mixed viscosities and gel times from 4 to 10 minutes. The impact resistant, rigid materials produce ABS-like parts and are perfect for hand batch processing, vacuum casting, and rotocasting.
  • InnoTuf® TP-4052 polyurethane is a breakthrough product within the polyurethane marketplace, featuring a very low exotherm (115°F) for outstanding mold life. The new ABS-like material has a convenient 2:1 mix ratio; parts can be demolded in less than 2 hours.
  • InnoTuf® TP-4053 & TP-4054 polyurethanes simulate rigid, fiber-reinforced thermoplastics with an extraordinary flexural modulus, high tensile and impact strengths, and excellent heat deflection capabilities. A 1:1 mix ratio and up to 10 minute gel time provide for easy handling.
  • InnoTuf® TP-4055 polyurethane is a translucent system for producing high- density, polyethylene-like parts. This material features great elongation and impact resistance, a low mixed viscosity for easy handling, and gels in less than 10 minutes.

Case Study: Life-Sized Orca Whale Display Models

The world's largest models of Orca whales were unveiled recently in Tulalip, a small town and Indian reservation north of Seattle. The 18-foot and 23-foot long whales were created using a spray-applied, rigid polyurethane, specially developed by Innovative Polymers for fast, efficient replication of the Orcas' enormous skin surface. Click here for full article.

Tech Tips: Ensuring Fully Cured, High Quality Parts

Here are some best practices to help you easily eliminate a few common casting mistakes! Click here for full article.

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