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2018 Projects & Releases

Alan Blaustein Photography

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2018 Releases

Welcome to Alan Blaustein Photography.

I am showcasing a wide variety of new projects and imagery. Highlighted are new images displayed in the residential architecture, publications, and corporate editorial projects website posts. Also featured are the Italy 2018 Calendar and new collections from Paris, Venice, and Hokkaido Japan.

The new projects are available for publishing, image licensing, wall decor, and stock photography. Please experience my inviting and naturally illuminated style of commercial and fine art photography.

Residential & Commercial Architecture

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Residential Architecture

I have photographed interior and exterior architecture for hundreds of clients in real estate, hospitality, corporate, and advertising fields. My location and studio photography assignments range from travel, residential and commercial architecture, portraits, advertising, and corporate editorial projects.

When my schedule permits, I am available for short notice photography assignments, and am flexible to accomodate photography deadlines with a quick image file turn around.

Please contact us if you would like information about my photography services and to discuss your upcoming photography needs.

Meatball Bar

Meatball Bar, San Francisco California

Hokkaido Cafes & Bars

After repeatedly visiting Sapporo, Japan, for the past two decades, I have developed a passion for the order, symmetry, and beauty of the Japanese culture. The Hokkaido Cafe & Bars collection emphasizes the deep dedication to crafting traditional food and beverages. The Hokkaido Landscapes collection focuses on Japanese designs in urban and rural landscapes.

Hokkaido Cafes & Bars

Yakitori Bar, Sapporo Japan

Hokkaido Landscapes

Hokkaido Landscapes

For the new Japan collections Hokkaido Cafes & Bars and Hokkaido Landscapes, I have approached photographing differently. By commuting to my Japan photoshoots via bicycle with camera, tripod, and lighting gear carried in bicycle baskets, I was better able to seamlessly scout, select, and return to my locations to photograph. In this way, I have taken even more care to stylize and capture the subjects with optimium lighting.

Publications & Wall Decor

The Italy 2018 Calendar is a Brushdance Publication release and is part of a consecutive series published for the sixth year. The calendar project debuts meticulously hand-painted black & white photographs oringinally captured on film. Please watch calendar video.

Italy 2018 Calendar

Italy 2018 Calendar

The Paris Collection showcases classic Parisian architecture, landmarks, bistros, cafes, parks and gardens. The Venetian Collection highlights formal Italian lifestyle vignettes, cafes, and noteworthy landmarks and architecture. Both collections have new wall decor print editions available with hand coloring.

New releases with color

New Releases Wall Decor & Publications

For over twenty years, I have diligently explored and photographed a wide variety of imagery: cafes, landscapes, gardens, travel, botanicals, architecture, portraits, still life, and coastal scenery.

Many of the images are available in a wide variety of styles and formats: panoramic, rectangular, square, and vertical. Image appearance can be in color, sepia tone, and black & white tonalities.

The archive website allows you to use an image library search feature to access thousands of images. The search tool provides unlimited possibilities for selecting photography for image licensing, publishing, and wall decor projects.

Most of the images can be licensed for advertising, publications, calendar, and editorial purposes. I offer hand-crafted prints for wall decor display in museums and galleries, as well as for residential, hospitality, and wall decor commissions.

Wall Decor

Paris Panoramic

Dream Cafes

Dream Cafes

San Francisco Dream Cafes

For the Dream Cafes Collection, I meticulously constructed, set up, and styled inviting cafe scenes by utilizing a wide variety of props and beverage themes for each cafe location.

Specifically, by photographing cafes at dawn, I take advantage of the gifts of mist, lighting, and tranquility to create a dreamy, ethereal mood.

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