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Industry experts share what makes a star performer in Financial Communications

A star performer will stand out in your business; they will go the extra mile and typically, will fast-track in their careers.

After being kindly reminded by LinkedIn recently that I have been interviewing financial communications professionals for 14 years, I feel I have grown up with many of the stars.  When I review what a star performer in financial comms looks like, I see three things in particular – the innate confidence to advise at a senior level, a steely drive, and charm to influence.  They are often to the point, not afraid to ask for more, and have an air of wisdom about them, seemingly beyond their years.

The ability to secure and retain stars in your company is a challenge for any business leader.  So what do our favourite financial communications leaders say about what makes a star performer in their field?  We asked them to share some of their knowledge.

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