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Test Your Knowledge about Suntanning, Sunburns and Skin Cancer

You are not damaging your skin as long as you don’t burn; tanning beds are safer than the sun; my clothing will protect me from the sun. These are among many of the common myths about suntanning and skin cancer. To find out how much you know, click here to take this quiz.


Seizing Control of Seizures

With the right treatment, most people with epilepsy today can live seizure-free. Newer medications, more advanced diagnostic tests and more precise surgical techniques are providing seizure-freedom for a growing number of patients. Watch this video to learn more about the advances The Nebraska Medical Center Epilepsy Program is making in diagnosing and treating epilepsy patients.


Mechanical Heart Assist Device Catching up to Heart Transplantation

With continued improvements in technology, it is becoming more common for some heart failure patients to choose to avoid heart transplantation completely in exchange for using a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) as a long-term therapy solution. To learn more about this innovative heart technology, click here.

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