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Energy savings: ventilate for better heating!

Do you never open your windows because you don't want to lose a single degree in your home? Be careful, you must change this habit quickly. Ventilating your home is absolutely essential... even when it's cold!

> Here is why you should ventilate your home every day
> See our special feature to learn more about damp problems

Geothermal energy to produce electricity?

We've been hearing a lot about geothermal energy in recent weeks, but what exactly is it?  Simply put, geothermal energy is the use of heat from deep within the Earth to produce heat or electricity. Is it the solution for combating global warming?

Discover the principle of geothermal energy here

Have you ever heard of solar water heating?

It is becoming increasingly common and many individuals are turning to this solution to heat domestic water. We explain everything: how it works, how much it costs and whether there is a RENOLUTION-grant.

Discover how to save energy with a solar water heater

Are you having work done in your home? Homegrade is here for you!

Do you have lots of renovation ideas to improve your home, but you aren't sure where to start? Don't panic, the experts of the ASBL Homegrade will provide free technical, administrative and financial support throughout your project.

> In what circumstances can I contact Homegrade?
> See all Homegrade's tips for your project

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