Issue 51
  1. A collection of Reddit AMA sessions
  2. An interactive whiteboard in the browser
  3. A wall flip calendar and clock
  4. A floating media window
  5. A set of stationery accessories
  6. A recording of Seth Godin's workshop

Hello there!

The response to last week's $5 magazine special took me by surprise. The 50 copies I made available were gone in less than 30 minutes after pressing 'send'! I ended up adding 25 more copies to keep up with demand, but I understand that a lot of you still missed out.

With a global audience there will always be some folks who are asleep when the email hits their inbox. I'm sorry if you missed the chance of getting a cheap copy this time. There will always be another such campaign in the future, just don't unsubscribe. ;)

I've been taking the rest of last week fairly easy, mostly monitoring sales and shipping of Offscreen #13. I've also launched my #madswag campaign yesterday. Help me spread the word? 



This Weekʼs Line-Up

A collection of Reddit AMA sessions

If you know Reddit, you will have heard of AMA (Ask Me Anything) events. The idea is simple: a well-known person or an expert of a certain field answers upvoted audience questions which are sometimes very personal, sometimes provocative, sometimes completely irrelevant. Reddit has now compiled the best of those Q&As into a book/ebook.

An interactive whiteboard in the browser

As its name suggests, Realtime Board is a whiteboard that lives in the browser/cloud and can be shared and worked on in real time. This could be a great way to brainstorm with teams in various locations.

A wall flip calendar and clock

I love a bold, unpretentious wall clock. This beast comes with old-school electromechanical split-flap displays for time, day and date. So much to like about it – except its price tag.

A floating media window

Helium allows you to float a media window (like a Youtube video) above the stuff you're working on. It doesn't intercept mouse clicks when it is translucent! That's right, you can still click, drag, scroll, even flick behind your floating content. It's useful for all kinds of multitasking, not just television and movies – like keeping your Google Hangouts or Slacker window above the rest while you collaborate, or watching tutorials and reading documentation while programming.

A set of stationery accessories

This set of stationery accessories made by Formwork (for Herman Miller) comes in a beautiful range of colours. From the website: "The project is an affirmation that the things that surround us are now a mixture of the analogue and digital, and that the true nature of what serves us on a daily basis is far more varied than we might have imagined. A pencil cup may contain pens and scissors but also inevitably USB sticks, rubber bands, brushes, and keys. Formwork acknowledges this, with a cantilever that extends out, so that the small things are visible and accessible."

A recording of Seth Godin's workshop

Admittedly, I've never read any of his books, but whenever I see Seth Godin speak, I listen. His insights on marketing and branding, and his musings on running a business are invaluable. I recently came across this recording of a one-off workshop he gave a few years back, and the first couple of chapters alone gave me lots to think about.

Organize, don't agonize.
— Nancy Pelosi