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BCI August Recap

Sharm Scheuerman founded BCI with his wife Kathy after a lifetime of basketball industry experience as a player, coach, color commentator, and mentor. In player-to-player influence, he saw the potential to change the world. And in everyone he met, he saw an opportunity to step up and make a difference. One year ago, we said goodbye to Coach Sharm. His legacy, though, continues to shine through our commitment. As a member of BCI’s Sports Council, I often reflect on how he challenged us – as pro players, mentors, parents, volunteers, young athletes, and donors – to make it our turn to step up. So many of you have taken the initiative to “pass it on” this year through BCI’s unique programs and we thank you!  So let’s keep it up, let’s step it up, and let’s challenge each other every day. There’s never been a better time.

David Booth,
Midwest Regional Scout, New Orleans Hornets

BCI Basketball Plus Camp

BCI’s Basketball Plus Camp in Los Angeles on August 20 was a great success. Thanks to Bradleigh Coggins for organizing the camp, to Anthony Cartwright and the Lueders Park Community Center for hosting the camp, to Bryce Cartwright (a current Iowa Hawkeye basketball player) for stopping by and encouraging the campers to focus on their dreams and not let anyone steal them, Tom Weiss and GT Beverages for the beverage at the camp, and to our many outstanding volunteers! Campers were inspired by our coaches and special guests, including pro player Jelani Gardner who said, “It was a real honor to help the kids and honor Sharm at the same time. It was a real Blessing to be around like-hearted people who love God. Everyone I met was so positive and supportive, I was really blown away. I could feel His hand upon the day.”

Volunteer Sanford Coggins observed, “The impact that your camps have on the kids and the volunteers is immeasurable.  It will take generations to know just how deeply the experience has changed a paradigm or vision of any one of the participants. Bless you for your effort and your passion, and most importantly for the obedience to your calling.  I am so grateful to have been involved.”

Courtside with BCI

BCI wants to bring you closer to the action, so we’re looking at new ways to integrate Facebook and Twitter updates into our events. Courtside with BCI means we want you right there with us. Stay tuned for updates to make sure you’re getting our news in real time!

August Facebook Fan Page Wrap-Up

• The camp in Los Angeles was great. Stay tuned for photos. Big Thanks to Coach Jason and Coach Scott for leading the off-court and on-court activities.

Twitter Wrap-Up

• Basketball clinic in session at Lueders Park Community Center

• Coach Jason teaching about heroes!!!

• Building character from the free throw line

Your Turn?

Let Coach Sharm inspire your next big play. Visit www.sharmscheuerman.com to read a sample chapter of “Step Up Your Game:  A Playbook for the Next Generation Hero,” hear what people are saying about it, and order your copy. Multiple copies (for distribution by your organization) are available with special pricing – contact us for information!

What’s Next for BCI

• This fall, we’re scheduling camps for next year. Contact us if we should consider your area!
• Our super exciting, hush-hush project to support BCI Loop, our fraternity for professional basketball players, is underway. Stay tuned!

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