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Double reward points all of June!


These last few months have been, (to say the least) a very tricky period for every independent retailer in the UK and Scampers have been no different. Our amazing team have done their absolute best to keep our business going and your support has been invaluable in keeping us able to pay all our bills, keep everyone employed and to keep trading as “normally” as possible.

Equally, our suppliers, service providers and manufacturers have been totally awesome maintaining all our stocks and supporting us at every level. To thank them we have made certain all have been paid within 7 days to help them keep going too!

We are now hopefully beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel and are doing everything we can to get our sales back on track and we need your support to do this.

The store is looking fantastic and we have made it as safe as we possibly can for you to visit. We have hundreds of new products on shelf, full stocks of everything and many more on their way in!


Scampers have slightly changed our Covid customer policies. Please ensure you follow the 2m distance rule, we may remind you if you get too close to us, or indeed another customer, please don't take offence, we are trying to protect you while you shop with us. We are still closed Mondays and normal hours Tuesday to Sunday.


We are now allowing couples, or single parents with young children. Please ensure you stick together when shopping. Sadly we cannot allow entire families at this time in accordance with Government guidlines. we trust you understand and agree with the safety measures we ask you to adhere to in these difficult times.

Raw store…

Great news for raw feeders! We are constantly being asked for more selections within our raw pet food departments but of course we had to find the right companies, with great products and ethics before listing them.


Now we are delighted to announce we have added two new raw food ranges to Scampers from Naked Raw Pet Foods and Paleo Ridge.

Like us, many of you love to feed a variety of foods whether fresh, raw, cold pressed, freeze dried or complete dry foods and these new ranges are perfect additions to our already comprehensive selection of natural dog and cat foods.

Support your independent…

I often post and talk about supporting independent retailers on my Twitter and Instagram threads and now it has never been more important. Not just for Scampers but for every pet store, convenience store, garden centre, butchers, florist and farm shop as their businesses keep local people employed and the bulk of their profits get spent locally.

Plus, most local shops pay their fair share of taxes back to the UK government and let’s face it HM Treasury is going to need every penny to pay for Covid 19 and we too are unashamedly asking for your continued support 😊

Double points…

Throughout the whole of June, we are offering double points on our Scampers Reward cards to help you make some even better savings and we have lots of other great promotions. 

Our dog wash continues to be available and this month we are doing a very special offer of just £7.50 per wash to help get your pets summer ready!

It has been truly lovely to see so many of your dog’s back in store, and although it has been very weird for them not to have their usual cuddles, they have all loved getting snacks to test their ‘catching skills’ as we practice our 2 metre treat tosses!

We are all really looking forward to seeing you and (sorry!) most importantly your pets back in store soon! :-)

Piers, Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the whole Scampers team


Latest updates

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Naked Raw Dog Food

Naked and Proud! At Naked Dog they are on a mission. To do what’s right for dogs!  Raw is how dog food should be eaten.
That simple belief is why Naked Dog was born. 

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Paleo Ridge Raw Food

Paleo Ridge have little interest in being anything but the very best when it comes to a healthy diet. 

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Phone, Pay & Pick Up Now Available

Pay & Pick up without contact – telephone 01353 720431.

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Be:Loved Nose & Paw Balms

The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom; a farmhouse animal husbandry care book that was used by owner Carina’s family to create cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest.

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COVID-19 Protocols @Scampers

Until Covid-19 has finally disappeared from the UK, and following Government guidelines, we are asking please, that you follow these simple requests to help protect our team and you while you shop with us at Scampers.

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Symply - delicious new look

Please allow us to re-introduce Symply dog food, tastier and with fresher ingredients.

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