Advertising Standards Bureau - Ad Standards Bulletin (Recent News)

Issue 91. September 2017.

New Research shows Board views align with Community Standards

Decisions made by the Advertising Standards Board (the Board) over the last 10 years have largely been in line with community standards according to report overview released today.

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AANA announces update to Section 2.2 – sexual appeal

Advertisers need to familiarise themselves with changes to Section 2.2 of the AANA Code of Ethics which will come into effect from 1 March 2018.

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Exercise caution in horror movie placement

The Board dismissed complaints against three horror movie ads this month, however they warned that advertisers need to exercise caution in placing horror ads in children’s viewing times.

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Stereotypes of women will attract complaints

Ads that use stereotypes of women will often attract complaints, although may not breach the Code. The Board dismissed complaints against three ads which depicted an angry female boss, a nagging mum and a woman suggesting women don’t think about their car tyres.

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