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So excited to pour the 2015 vintage for you!

With 2017 coming off the vine, it is great fun to hearken back to previous vintages.  The current vintage STAR is 2015, which we are releasing to you this Sunday at our home.  From our barrel tastings to our first Formaglini wine dinner, 2015 is a knock out.  It is a soulful, cherry and spice layered Pinot Noir with balanced acids and lower tannins.  This 2015 Formaglini Pinot drinks like the beauty of Oregon coupled with the wisdom of Italy -- a true Formaglini expression.

The 2015 vintage was hot with an early bud break.  Our organic vineyard is painstakingly cared for, so the soil and vines nourish the grapes despite Mother Nature's forces.  The bottom left picture shows green cover crop despite the heat of this 2015 summer.  The middle picture also from 2015 is a reminder how fast time flies and my boys have grown.  The far right picture shows our fruit still hanging in early September 2015 as we patiently eek out every bit of love nature pours into the fruit. 

We hope you can join us this Sunday to celebrate the 2015 Formaglini Vineyards vintage.  As is our tradition, we'll toast, eat, laugh, and deepily enjoy the wine and the company!

Sunday, October 22 - 3:00-6:00pm, 2110 North Ross Street, Santa Ana, CA.  To RSVP and order wine, please visit our invitation to you.

* pictures below from our 2015 vintage ...