March 13, 2020

1st Grade eNews

No school on March 20th.  Enjoy an extra day with spring break!

Next Week

  • Bible - Martha & Mary and Lazarus; Acts of Faith
  • Verse - John 15:15b, “I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything I have heard from My Father.”                    
  • Spelling - ild & ind (long i with a final blend; ex: mild & kind)
  • Reading & Phonics - Read “What Can You Do” and “The Wind and the Sun”; ild and ind sound; Reading skill-Predict & Justify
  • Grammar & Writing - Review nouns, adjectives & verbs, complete sentences, practice marking sentences; writing a paragraph; ABC Order
  • Math -11 subtraction family; addition and subtraction with 4 #’s; review telling time, measures, thermometers, 2-digit addition; Practice Math facts

Important Dates

  • March 16-19 - Student-Led Conferences from 3:30-4:00 pm, Mon-Thursday
  • March 20 - No School
  • March 23-27 - Spring Break (No school)
  • April 6 - Teacher Compassion Fund Giving Day - students may bring a $1 donation and wear spirit dress.
  • April 9 - Easter Chapel and Easter party (1st Grade will perform at this chapel)
  • April 10 - Good Friday - No School (pending no snow days)
  • April 13-17 - Standardized testing
  • April 13 - Transition Meeting at 11:30am; Our transition meetings are scheduled around lunch time so you can eat with your child and then meet with Mrs. Foley for 30 minutes in preparation for the upcoming year.

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