The connection between infections, antibiotics and mental illness

A recent study by Danish researchers has suggested young people who have been hospitalized for an infection might eventually be at greater risk for mental illness later in life. Today in The Conversation Canada, Christine Bear of the University of Toronto explains why the study supports emerging theories about the interaction between bacteria, infection of the intestines and mental illness.

It’s just one of several good reads as you get ready for the weekend:

And finally… Brittney Borowiec of McMaster University looks at the life of a fish you have probably never heard of – the plainfin midshipman. More specifically, she enlightens us about the peculiar mating habits of the male plainfin midshipman and how they literally become “a fish out of water.”


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A new body of research suggests that infections in childhood, along with antibiotic use, could impact the bacteria in our intestines and raise risks of mental health challenges in later life. (Shutterstock)

How childhood infections and antibiotics may increase risks of mental illness

Christine Bear, University of Toronto

Research using massive databases -- such as the Danish Psychiatric Central Research Register -- is enabling a whole new understanding of the links between life history, the gut and mental health.

In some provinces, families that heat with wood will pay no carbon tax but still get a refund. (Shutterstock)

Why the carbon tax will cost some Maritimes families more than others

Larry Hughes, Dalhousie University

Canadians will start paying for their carbon emissions this year, but the cost will depend on where they live.

New approaches are needed to address the issue of coach abuse of young athletes. Shutterstock

Protecting young athletes from abusive coaches – let’s get it right

David Telles-Langdon, University of Winnipeg

As Canada is examines new measures to protect young athletes, an emphasis on rigorous police checks and educating would-be offenders is not the answer.

Toni Morrison, Zora Neal Hurston and Nella Larsen are on this short list of enduring must-read writers. Left to right: Nobel Prize, U.S. Library of Congress, Yale archive

A must-read list: The enduring contributions of African American women writers

Nancy Kang, University of Manitoba

Here is a small list of pivotal texts by African American women from the past century.

Male plainfin midshipman fish take care of the nest, but climate change is affecting their ability to raise their offspring. Björn S...

Being a dad is hard when you’re a plainfin midshipman fish

Brittney Borowiec, McMaster University

Male plainfin midshipman fish take care of their nests and offspring, but climate change is threatening their ability to do so.

La Conversation Canada

Gerald Butts, alors secrétaire principal du premier ministre Justin Trudeau, à son arrivée à une rencontre des premiers ministres. M. Butts a démissionné en raison d'allégations selon lesquelles le cabinet du premier ministre s'est ingéré pour empêcher les poursuites criminelles contre SNC-Lavalin. LA PRESSE CANADIENNE/Sean Kilpatrick

Scandale SNC-Lavalin: quand politique et poursuites s'emmêlent

Victoria Colvin, University of Wollongong

Les risques d'influence politique sur le processus juridique sont importants, dit cette ancienne procureur. Au pays, les poursuites doivent être dans l'intérêt public, un critère discrétionnaire...



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