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The outbreak of the Coronavirus reminds us of the vital work done every day by our Juno Beach Police Department. In these unprecedented times, the safety and security they provide to the Town of Juno Beach is unwavering and more important than ever. The Juno Beach Police Foundation is working closely with the Police Department to respond to whatever needs that may arise.

Our Police Department's New Drone

In our last newsletter we reported that the Police Foundation had funded the purchase of a new Drone for the Juno Beach Police.

Chief Smith had made the request citing several use cases such as Search and rescue, Location of suspects, Monitoring large events, and Assisting other law-enforcement agencies.

Police Drone

Shortly after the drone's delivery, the Chief had planned to use the drone to monitor the upcoming ArtFest by the Sea event. The event was of course cancelled and moved to a later date.

Fortunately, there have been no search or criminal incidents in Juno Beach that required deployment of the drone.

Officer Flying Drone

Meanwhile our Juno Beach Police Officers have been taking the FAA required training to obtain their "Part 107" licenses and will be ready to go when the need arises. 

It's great to live in a Town with a well equipped and well trained Police Department!

Our Police also have a New Golf Car!

With Community Outreach in mind, Chief Smith  made a request of the Police Foundation in February to fund the purchase of a Police Golf Car.

In his grant request he cited "Increased Police visibility, quality of life, patrolling of large events and the setup and staging of major Town functions" as the proposed uses of the vehicle.

Chief Smith noted to the Board that he would like to further increase the interactions between his Officers and the community. This was of course prior to the current "Social Distancing" that the Coronavirus has brought about.

Police Golf Car

Modern day policing puts Police Officers in air-conditioned cars with tinted windows.  This is great for rapid response to calls, but results in much fewer face-to-face interactions with Town residents, business owners and visitors. The use of a street-legal golf car, staffed by both Police Officers and Police Volunteers, patrolling up and down Ocean Drive, condominium complexes and local community streets will help increase that day-to-day relationship with the public. And while the Department had an ATV vehicle for beach patrols, they did not have an open vehicle for the roadways.

The Police Foundation was quick to respond and approved the purchase of the golf car seen above. It too was delivered in time for ArtFest by the Sea.… but the event was cancelled. The new vehicle is currently doing patrols along Ocean Drive, Kagen Park, and around Pelican Lake.  Look for even further deployment of the vehicle, with our wonderful Juno Beach Police personnel, in larger geographic areas once the current "Stay-At-Home" order is lifted.


The Foundation does not solicit funds by phone or use telemarketers of any type.

The Foundation's Accounting office is located at 803A Donald Ross Road, Juno Beach, FL 33408

A message from Chief of Police Brian Smith:

As the Coronavirus gets more severe, Chief Smith will use our Foundation newsletter to communicate with the residents, business owners and visitors to the Town about the safety and quality of life in Juno Beach.

You can view his latest message at this link.

On March 27th, Chief Smith sent the following message:  "I am confident that our community will get through this public safety concern. You can rest assured that your law enforcement officers will continue to provide a solid response with no interruption in services. Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this challenge, and I hope everyone remains healthy and safe.”

A message from Juno Beach Mayor Jason Haselkorn:

Juno Beach Mayor Jason Haselkorn sent an email letter out to residents and others on the Town email list in which he talked about the ever evolving situation in the Town, the County, State and Nation.

You can view the Mayor's letter at this link.

The Mayor's  key message was this: "Our great country is strong and our wonderful Town of Juno Beach is resilient! We will continue to help each other through this, as we each make our individual efforts, look forward and pray for the best possible outcome.”

Coffee With A Cop

The ever popular "Coffee With A Cop" event sponsored by the Town of Juno Beach and the Juno Beach Police Department, has been cancelled for the months of April and May. We hope the current health situation will be resolved in time to allow a restart of this event in June.

Help ensure the safety of Juno Beach

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