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A Kwick Update

1. Twitter says users now trust influencers nearly as much as their friends. Around 40% of respondents said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on a social platform.

2. The 2016 Sensis Social Media Report is out and interestingly, Snapchat is the only platform to make a leap worth noting, up from 7th place to 4th.

3. Apple's new iPhone software has been announced, and it's headed for your device. iMessage, Apple Maps, Siri and three times bigger emojis are just a few elements receivig a well-deserved face-lift.

4. Snapchat has finally made some ad announcements with a more flexible offering.

For more on enhancing your user experience and social updates, head to Klick’s blog.

Klickikki - 2016 Edition

June saw the Klick Sydney team enjoy their 6th annual reward trip to Hawaii, where we enjoyed a perfect blend of work and play.

After adjusting to island time with our fiends at the new Four Seasons Ko Olina, we hiked and swam (and drove) our way down to Waikiki for an action-packed few days with our other ohana at The Modern Honolulu.

Before leaving we hosted our second Klick Konnect, this time taking over the infamous Hawaii Theatre to tackle The Business of Influene - as reported by Mumbrella.


Lighting Up Australia

Until the end of March, 2017, a global phenomenon known as The Field of Light art installation will be at ‘home’ in the place that inspired it - Uluru.

Internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro has set-up more than 50,000 slender stems, crowned with frosted-glass spheres, to bloom as darkness falls over Australia’s spiritual heartland.

The installation, aptly named Tili Wiru Tjuta Nyakutjaku by the local community means ‘looking at lots of beautiful lights’ in local Pitjantjatjara.

Munro recalls “I wanted to create an illuminated field of stems that, like the dormant seed in a dry desert, would burst into bloom at dusk with gentle rhythms of light under a blazing blanket of stars”.

For more information on ways to see The Field of Light or Uluru, visit Voyages Indigenous Tourism.

Eastland's Garden of Beauties

Over the past two months, the Klick team has made Melbourne their second home with several major launches for partner Eastland.

In May, we helped this urban destination unveil 80 new retailers, including an amazing new designer space - The Arcade.

On June 22, we were lucky enough to work with the very talented floral artist, Rebecca Louise Law, to reveal The Canopy - an art installation of 150,000 preserved flowers hanging from the ceiling within The Beauty Garden.

To see the fantastic art work for yourself and learn more about the brands joining The Beauty Garden, click here.

New-tritious Cooking

Australia’s leading Health Retreat (and our favourite) has released their latest cookbook, aptly titled Golden Door at Home.

Home cooks are now invited to treat their tastebuds and families to a collection of 110 wholesome recipes to be recreated at home. This book has been trialled and tested by Klicksters, to overwhelmingly positive reviews. We can promise that Golden Door at Home doesn’t overcomplicate things; it’s healthy food at its best, simple, nutritious and tasty.

To whet your palate and make your heart beat (or shall we say beet?) here's a hint at our favourite recipes: the roast beetroot soup, coconut pancakes, quinoa and vegetable burgers, and the avocado and carob tart.

Golden Door at Home will give you an inspiring and nourishing approach to cooking, oh and it is just $49.95.

See more here.

Klickster Spotlight

Here are five facts about Maddie that give (a little) insight into her colourful world.

1. In 2015, Maddie won Klick's 'Bravest Hair Choice' for bringing back the perm. Although the perm may be gone, she currently has pink hair

2. Her daily communte is 1.5hrs each way, but she's okay with it because she wouldn't want to work anywhere else

3. Maddie's favourite things are watching the sun set over the ocean, dogs and eating Japanese food 

4. Her background consists of Polish, Russian and German

5. As you're reading this, Maddie is likely to be slaying a karaoke tune at a diner in Tokyo