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Future Unfolding #13

Future Unfolding

Hi! Here's our monthly update on what we've been up to.

After porting over our in-house graphics engine to run on the PlayStation 4, we're busy working on additional content and features: More animal encounters, a female player avatar, new cave areas that you'll be able to explore, and puzzles that involve wind. (Did someone say the word Spirits?)

We were able to secure additional local funding from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg which will help us to finish development and ship the game early next year.

Last week we co-organized Press Day Stockholm and showed the latest build of Future Unfolding. The Swedish public radio service recorded an episode of P3 Spel live at the event. We also did a video interview with Gamereactor which should go online soon.

For GDC we are teaming up with Chris Dwyer from Squire to setup private press demos of Future Unfolding at Gamenest, a co-working space close to the Moscone conference center. To schedule a demo or interview please email We're also part of the lineup at The MIX Creator’s Showcase on Tuesday evening during GDC week. If you're in San Francisco, we'll hope to see you there!

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Vi hörs snart igen,
– Andreas, Marek & Mattias


Future Unfolding is supported by
Indie Fund + Friends,
the MEDIA Programme of the European Union
and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg