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Healthy Grilling Strategies

With summer in full swing, there are many opportunities for food to spoil or become contaminated. Consider these food safety tips to keep food-borne illnesses at bay before you fire up the grill or partake in tailgating activities. Visit our website for safe summer grilling tips.


Summer Safety Tips

With so much rain and flooding this year, it is important to protect against insects that creep, crawl, fly and bite. Infectious Disease Specialist Mark Rupp, MD, with The Nebraska Medical Center, talks about this summer’s biggest culprits, how to reduce your risk of getting a disease and other tips to keep your summer safe and healthy. Watch video.


Shedding Light on the Cell Phone and Brain Cancer Debate

A recent international study has drawn new media attention on the decade-long debate as to whether cell phone use can cause brain cancer. Learn more about this study and its validity in this blog from Neuro-Oncologist Nicole Shonka, MD, at The Nebraska Medical Center. Read blog.

"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken. "

James Dent

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