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Talkin' About Law - Edition 16
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Leaving kids home alone


Do you or someone you know tend to leave children home alone so you can do the shopping, go to work or for social outings? 

Whatever the reason it's worth remembering that in Queensland it is a criminal offence to leave a child under the age of 12 unattended for an unreasonable time without arranging appropriate supervision and care for the child.  

It's also a criminal offence to cause harm to a child under 16 either physically, emotionally or psychologically by leaving a child without adequate food, clothing, medical treatment, accomodation and care.

Suspected cases of child neglect or abuse are investigated by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (the department).  

Get legal advice 

  • If the department contact you about your child
  • If the department want to take your child into custody
  • If the department have applied for an assessment order
  • If the department are applying for a child protection order
  • If you and/or your child want to appeal against a child protection order

You may be eligible to receive legal advice and assistance from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service.  Call 1800 012 255 and ask to speak to someone with family law or child protection experience.

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Register your new bub

Birth certificate example

Are you a new parent?  Have you registered your child's birth with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages?

In Queensland you are required by law to register the birth of your baby.  If you don't, you may not be able to obtain a birth certificate.

Without a birth certificate you won't be able to enrol your child in school.  As an adult your child may not be able to obtain a driver's licence or passport.  It may also make it difficult to receive any government benefits or obtain a job.

To register the birth of your baby you need to fill out a from called "Birth registration application".  

Both parents of the child are required to complete the form regardless of their relationship status e.g. married, de facto, separated etc.   Where one parent refuses to sign due to an unresolved dispute they lose the opportunity in the naming of the child at the time of registration.  

Once the application is complete you must lodge it within 60 days after the birth of your child either by post or in person.

For assistance call 1300 366 430

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About the project

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