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IoT VHF testbed available for use

The IoT VHF test bed from 210 – 220 MHz is now available for licensing.

Licences will be available for three years until 31 January 2022, when the use of the band will be reviewed.

The band will be licensed under the radio licensing regime. Approved Radio Engineers or Certifiers can certify these radio licences.

The decision to release this testbed was based on the outcome of a technical consultation undertaken in 2018.

The rules and how to apply

List of approved radio engineers and certifiers

Call for expressions of interest in AM and FM sound broadcasting licences

We have received applications for the following AM and FM sound broadcasting licences:

AM licence:

  • Horokiwi (Wellington) 1556 kHz, licence ID, 202543, reserve price: $26,663.75 incl GST

FM licences:

  • Lower Ratoroa (Waikato) 104.4 MHz, licence ID, 201772, reserve price: $9,540.98 incl. GST.
  • Ratoroa (Waikato) 94.0 MHz, licence ID, 202540, reserve price: $20,311.64 incl. GST

We invite expressions of interest in these licences.  The closing date is 5pm on 4 March 2019.

A decision will then be made to allocate the licences by direct sale or a competitive allocation process.

Read more about the expressions of interest process.