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Are You Ready For March Basketball!

The great postseason in college basketball is here. Get into the madness with BCI and join us for all the games in the world of FireFan.

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Be Inspired!


Our CSL4 2 Event premiered on Facebook Live via BlueJeans Primetime, Monday, February 13 and was a great success with over 37,000 viewers.

The event featured three pro players - NBA Legend Terry Cummings, and players Jabari Johnson and Luke Zeller.  Moderator Clark Kellogg chatted with our guests about pro basketball memories, challenges they've faced, and interesting things they had common.  They were joined by two young players, Jarron Holden and Jordan Kapiloff both from the Dallas area, who were able to ask a few questions.

The three pros responded to the question Clark asked about how the passion that helped them excel in the game of basketball has transferred into their lives following the game.  Here is just a glimpse of their responses:

  • Terry stated that he realized early on that he couldn't play the game for the rest of his life professionally, and found it important to "be who he believed God called him to be both on and off the court."
  • "It takes 21 days to create a habit" was Luke's response, "one of my favorite verses is Colossians 3:23, working hard at everything you do. It's the essence of your character".
  • Jabari said that the passion he had for basketball is the same passion he has for "giving back".  It's that same passion that gets you through when you've hit the wall and feel like giving up.

There were so many more stories and "get real" insight.  If you missed it, watch it here.

Our special thanks to Athletes in Action for their partnership on this event.

CSL Before The Biggest Weekend In College Basketball!

Tune in to our next CSL Event on Facebook Live via BlueJeans on Tuesday, March 28, from 9 - 10 pm ET. Be watching for our player and moderator announcement one week in advance. 

Remember, there's no script to our CSL events, so the conversations are totally authentic. Players speak from the heart for a unique experience that can be shared by everyone, everywhere.

Kids are especially vulnerable to the messages they hear. So when pro athletes speak, the message gets through. Help us make sure the right people hear it.

  • Watch BCI CSL with your children or grandchildren
  • Suggest a youth group viewing party at your church
  • Share the event details with coaches or middle and high school teams.

Players Are Talking...And The World Is Listening (& Watching)!

Thousands have tuned in to watch BCI Courtside Live. If you'd like to advertise or support us as a sponsor, visit www.bciedge.org/courtsidelive for details.

Always keep looking up.


Kathy Scheuerman
Basketball Club International, Inc.

I'm personally inviting you to play the game with us!  Download the free Fire Fan App from either the App or Google Play store using our rewards code Sharm46.  It's real-time play that puts your heard in the game...literally...while you're watching the Game!

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