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Concussions Require Strict Guidelines

Growing evidence reveals that our brains need more time to heal from injuries than previously thought. Athletes who have not fully recovered from a concussion are significantly more vulnerable for recurrent, cumulative and even catastrophic consequences of a second concussion. To learn more, click here.


Living Donors Opens Door for More Transplant Recipients

Living organ donations may help save the lives of more people waiting for a liver transplant. Transplant surgeons at The Nebraska Medical Center have perfected a surgery technique that involves taking a small portion of a living donor’s liver and transplanting it into the recipient. The liver has the unique ability to regenerate, making this procedure possible for the donor. Watch this video and learn about this innovative procedure and how it helped save the life of one Omaha man.


Help Others - Get a Flu Vaccine

No one likes getting the flu. So what’s your best defense? According to Epidemiologist Mark Rupp, MD, the flu shot is your best protection for anyone who doesn’t want to get the flu. Read more to learn about some of the common myths surrounding the flu shot.

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