December 2015

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Children's Diabetes Research Centre aims to improve the lives of young people with diabetes 

Research into childhood diabetes in Perth has been given a major boost with the launch of the WA Children’s Diabetes Research and Education Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) on the eve of World Diabetes Day. 

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$5m boost for
Diabetes Research in 

The research team at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, lead by Professor Tim Jones and Associate Professor Liz Davis, were recently awarded $5.2million in research grants.  

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Teenager with Type 1 Diabetes on a mission to become a pro.

David, a young man in our T1DM clinic, has just returned from a trip to the USA where he trialled for a pro-cycling team

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Transition Meeting

Representatives from Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and several adult-centred hospitals met to discuss what might be done to ease the transition from adolescent clinics to adult clinics.

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7 ways                   to 7%

We have recently set up an HbA1c working party, tasked with the mission of lowering the overall HbA1c across all patients and clinics run by PMH

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Diabetes Australia app

Diabetes Australia have released an app to make living with or caring for someone with diabetes a little easier. 

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Co$t of research

The Australian government has invested almost $260 million dollars in the last 10 years, into researching diabetes.  

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Low carb diet

Our nutritionists talk about what is a low-carb diet, why do people use them, and what are the implications for children and adolescents?

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AdDIT's wrapping up

AdDIT is a trial looking at preventing complications of type 1 diabetes and has been running at PMH since 2008.                     

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From all the Team at PMH and Telethon Kids Insitute:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


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