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SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc Uses Only Kyocera Panels and Other High-Quality Components for their Patented Portable Solar Generators

SUNRNR "Sun Runner" of Virginia manufactures and sells clean, silent, portable renewable energy generator power systems which store solar, wind, or water turbine energy in a rechargeable battery for off grid electricity or emergency backup power. SUNRNRs are a terrific alternative to fossil-fuel burning, dirty, noisy, maintenance-required gas generators. The system is rugged, high-quality, portable, expandable, and plug and play. No noise or emissions are produced and no gasoline is required. 

The excellent reputation of SUNRNR stems from quality components, proprietary design, ease of use, superior customer service, dependability, and product capability. SUNRNR’s Sales Manager often tells customers, “Yes, we have a great system that stores over 2000W and is able to output 3500W continuous whenever required, but the true power is in the panels.” The system is only as good as its power generation – SUNRNR chose Kyocera six years ago as their sole solar panel supplier and is confident in having made the correct choice.

Not only did Kyocera’s panels meet the criteria required in quality, efficiency, reputation, warranty, and price, they also offered the perfect panels to match the function and intent of SUNRNR systems–12VDC, accessible junction box, rugged, reinforced, and appropriately sized, both in dimensions and watts. “Since we cannot second-guess our diverse range of customers’ applications, we needed panels that were stand-alone, able to be wired in parallel to maintain 12V, and could be thrown in the back of a pickup truck, placed in a field tilted simply by stepstool, or mounted beautifully on a structure,” he explains. The Kyocera KC and KD series fit the bill. Four years ago, these panels were only available as 130W, but now we sell our units with two KD140SX-UFBS, perfect panels for charging a SUNRNR’s battery at the ideal, balanced-system rate.

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Kyocera Solar Powers Veteran’s Home with Western Maryland Solar’s “Solar4Soldiers” Project

Brittany Ratcliff, a United States Air Force Veteran, is the first recipient of Western Maryland Solar’s “Solar4Soldiers” project.  After returning home from deployment in Germany, Ratcliff was paralyzed from the waist down in an automobile accident.  Kyocera customer Ryan Ballard of Western Maryland Solar, a veteran himself, started the “Solar4Soldiers” program to give back to veterans in need of assistance.

With the help of Kyocera Solar and other donors, Ratcliff is now able to enjoy a 2.93kW Solar array installed by Western Maryland Solar. Ratcliff’s new solar installation, which exclusively uses high-efficiency, reliable Kyocera solar modules, will assist in providing energy for her home as well as her electric wheelchair.

Using renewable energy is important to Ratcliff and she hopes that the project will help to educate and train local college students on sustainability, using herself as a case study. Her grid-tied home installation is in the final stages of completion and should be up and running by Thanksgiving.

Kyocera’s 38 years of experience in the solar energy industry and unequaled expertise ensure that our high-performing systems continue to produce energy reliably for decades. Kyocera is pleased to provide its solar modules as the ideal choice for Brittany’s rooftop solar installation that will not only help to power her wheelchair with clean, renewable energy from the sun, but also serve as a model to teach local students about the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

KYOCERA and Madison School District Inaugurate KYOCERA’s First Photovoltaic System as U.S. Independent Power Producer

Kyocera Solar Inc. and Madison School District held a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to inaugurate a 1.6MW solar energy project, the first that Kyocera has developed and financed through its in-house Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) program.

While kids were stocking up on school supplies for the upcoming year, the Madison School District and Kyocera were working together on an innovative new plan to bring solar energy to three Phoenix-area schools. More than 6,400 Kyocera high-efficiency solar panels are installed across the Madison One middle school and Park and Rose Lane elementary schools. The system is expected to offset over 60 percent of the annual electricity consumed by the schools moving forward, utilizing the clean, renewable energy of the sun.

“Fiscal responsibility is one of the goals in the Madison Strategic Plan,” said Dr. Tim Ham, superintendent, Madison School District. “One of the ways we’re working towards this goal is by leveraging Bond dollars to implement energy efficiency improvements in our schools, saving over $100,000 in utility costs. We’re not only excited about reducing energy costs even further while providing shade to students through the installation of solar panel structures, we’re also thrilled to be able to partner with a proven, reliable company like Kyocera. We also look forward to the system acting as a renewable energy learning tool for students and teachers.”

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