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What's got our attention?

Look out Spotify, there's a new music streaming platform on the block. Google launches All Access.

Instagram update: You can now tag your friends in your filtered snaps with Photos of You.

Miscrosoft's IllumiRoom takes gaming to the next level, enhancing the traditional experience. Illusions distorting reality...we're in!

Have you heard of the The Awesome Foundation? They love turning awesome thoughts into awesome deeds in this awesome city of ours. Do you have an idea? Apply for a grant!

It's new, it's fruity and it's yours to try!

"I need less vitamins" said no-one ever.

Loading up on nutrional awesomeness is as important for your skin as it is for your insides, so good thing our buddies at Clearasil have launched their new Vitamins & Extracts range.

We think it smells delicious and works a treat, but don't just trust our word  - grab a free sample (or discount vouchers) and see for yourself.

Check out their Facebook page to get yours.

Australia Loves Saffire Freycinet

Tourism Australia recently shared images of Saffire Freycinet which over 40,467 people liked. The images are incredible and we know it's actually impossible to take a bad photo at Saffire Freycinet. 

Come join us on the Saffire Freycinet facebook page, we think you'll like what you see.

Veet’s Dream Team

Ah Veet. First you make our legs silky smooth and then you partner with three of Australia’s most talented women in make-up, beauty and styling. Our hats are off.

Klick was proud to spend some time introducing Veet’s amazing Ambassador Team to the Facebook community this month and we’d like you to get to know these ladies too. Veet’s Beauty Producer Chloe Morello, Beauty Director Amy Erbacher and Style Liaison Kelly Smythe are three hard-working women who work magic on celebs and Australian women every day.

Follow the Veet Australia Facebook page to check out their insider tips.

5 Things we ♥ about Amy

It’s as easy as ABC (and D and E)

Able to not "do her hair" and still look runway-ready (messy tresses are always in apparently)

Beautiful on the inside and out. Nawww.

Combined a car rally with camping for charity (C what we did there?). Amy has started the ‘Lucas Long Drive’, which is basically a visual treasure hunt on wheels that ends at a secret destination outside of Sydney. She’s raising funds for Beyond Blue and the first one kicks off this Saturday. All welcome – email her if you want dets!

Dog-addicted. This is a common theme among the Klick office but Amy takes it to junkie-level. Drug of choice? Staffys. Amy has saved two personally and volunteers at a rescue centre. Check out her Dog-Of-The-Week here.

Educational. She’s got a random fact for every occasion and can teach you techniques on how to do the splits quicker – because who doesn’t need that kind of information?