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Indigenous people in the Australian state of New South Wales make up just 3% of the population, but Indigenous children make up 36.9% of children in out-of-home care. Indigenous communities fear controversial new childcare protection reforms are paving the way for another Stolen Generation.

And in the UK, a land-mark study involving nearly 700,000 people has confirmed two long-standing theories about autism: that people with autism struggle with recognising what others are feeling, and they may trend towards “male” profiles. This does not, however, mean those people lack empathy, or are “hyper-male”.

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The most commonly criticised feature of the bill is the arbitrary maximum period of two years within which a decision about permanent placement has to be made. Shutterstock

Why controversial child protection reforms in NSW could lead to another Stolen Generation

Alison Whittaker, University of Technology Sydney; Terri Libesman, University of Technology Sydney

One of the state's most significant powers is the ability to remove children from their families. Potential reforms in NSW could expand this already racialised power in frightening ways.

shutterstock. Jolygon/Shutterstock

Extreme male brain theory of autism confirmed in large new study – and no, it doesn’t mean autistic people lack empathy or are more ‘male’

Simon Baron-Cohen, University of Cambridge; Carrie Alison, University of Cambridge; David M. Greenberg, University of Cambridge; Varun Warrier, University of Cambridge

Two theories on autism and sex differences are confirmed in half a million people.

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