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Founded in 2003 by Sonya Park, Arts&Science is the definition of destination retail. With 7 individual concept stores in Tokyo (4 more in Kyoto), a tour of these outposts is an abolute must; especially for those on a pilgramage for presents.

Impossibly precise and impeccably well presented - Arts&Science was blatantly the blueprint for Blue Mountain School (no shade), and any other purveyor of carefully-selected-things. Nothing beats the original though.

When borders reopen, add A&S to the itinerary ✔️

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Protect Me From What I Want


Not Summer is particularly proud to manage their wholesale business overseas, though all biases aside, Auralee is arguably top of the pile when it comes to knitwear (pardon the pun). 

Thanks to company ties to the textile game, the brand has been able to dominate the domestic market (more than 200 stockists) with exceptional fabrics developed exclusively for the label.

Designer Ryota Iwai is a maestro of colour-planning, relaxed cuts, and has established a sensory signature synonymous with serenity, comfort, and calm. 

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Protect Me From What I Want


Brands are often lumped into the (somewhat demeaning) "Simplewear" category if they present non-themed collections and un-fussy classics. However, the spectrum of quality and execution is especially broad - Comoli should not be confused with anything else actually.

The flagship store is aptly hidden away (with no signage to guide you) in a maze-like concrete masterpiece designed by Tadao Ando; a raw, expansive, practically empty temple to good taste.

Fun fact, the label is led by Keijiro Komori, whose family name sounds like "Comoli" if you struggle with your L's 🌸

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