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5 easy ways to save on energy at home

Single or as a family, it doesn't matter. Those who are suddenly much more at home, like now during the corona crisis, also consume more energy. Here are some saving tips that you can easily apply and which will immediately have an impact on your energy bill.

Easy ways to save energy in your home

PV Heater, an alternative to home battery

Of course you are keen to use the energy generated by your solar panels yourself as often as possible. Good for the environment and easy on your wallet! But what if you are not running any appliances at that particular moment or you do not have an electric car? For now, home batteries are expensive. So perhaps the PV Heater could be just the thing for you.

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To measure is to know

In Brussels too, corona is causing a remarkable drop in power use. As there are still a lot of people working from home, power consumption may be lower in companies... but it is definitely higher in households! By calculating the consumption of your electrical appliances, you can keep your energy use down at home.

How to calculate the consumption of an electrical appliance

Create a great outdoor feeling!

Ready for a staycation this summer? Some greenery certainly brightens up proceedings. A green roof not only looks beautiful, it also provides natural insulation. Green roofs come in all shapes and sizes. So even if you live in the city and have limited living space, you can still enjoy your very own private piece of nature.

What are the benefits of a green roof?

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